Australian Ugg boots


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Australian Ugg boots(discount ugg boots) distributor Ugg Boots(ugg nightfall boots) for All sandals) capitalised on the colder weather with an 80% surge in online traffic between the w/e 05/12/09 and the w/e 19/12/09. The site increased their year-on-year online market share by 27.6% for December. Ugg Boots(ugg classic short boots) for All was one of 5 other Australian companies in the UK Top 20 websites receiving traffic from the search term 'ugg boots' the w/e 19/12/09. The site did however have a higher than average paid search rate, with over 86.7% of all clicks being paid.I find that Ugg Boots(ugg classic tall metallic) are impractical on many levels. The first is that most are not waterproof. When walking through the snow, water and salt from roads can get soaked into the fabric of the boots(ugg classic cardy boots). Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause problems likediscoloration in the fabric on boots.Last but not least, an average pair of Uggs costs somewhere between $150-$200, and while off-brand Uggs(ugg classic tall boots) are cheaper, they still don’t last long if not properly taken care of. According to the Ugg manufacturer’s website,, caring for Uggs requires constant upkeep. They recommend keeping the Uggs from getting soaked, and not to dry them in direct sunlight, along with a long laundry list of care tips.