ATTENTION: Read Before Posting (Warez, Serial, Cracks etc - Ban)

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A revised set of rules to make it more readable:

Article 1: Normal Soccer Gaming Rules:
As in all the other forums, normal Soccer Gaming rules are still enforced, as well as the following rules especially applicable for FIFA 2004 forums. These rules are here to ensure that this forum is enjoyable for all users. The general Soccer Gaming rules can be found at .

Article 2: Repetitive threads:
Please do not post questions that have already been answered many times before. Please use the SEARCH function to locate answers before asking.

Article 3: Spamming:
Please do not double posts, or "bump" threads. This is considered spamming. Threads/posts will be replied to whereever possible.

Article 4: Release Dates:
DO NOT ask for the release date, it is clearly stated in one of the sticky threads. Check for more details.

Article 5: EA Bashing:
DO NOT post anything just to say that EA "sucks" or anything similar. Non-constructive criticism is NOT welcomed. This will warrant a yellow card and if needs to be a red - without warning.

Article 6: FIFA Unrelated Threads:
There is a Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer forum, please use it for threads related to those games. Also, please post ALL non-FIFA 2004 topics in the appropriate forum.

Article 7: Plagiarism:
We are a FIFA community and we would like to keep Soccer Gaming as fun as possible for all the gamers as well as for patchers who put hours of hard work into editing FIFA.
Anyone caught stealing faces, kits, or any piece of work will receive a 2 week Yellow Card now for first time plagiarism. a second time will be a 2 week Red Card, and a 3rd time will be Life IP Ban.
It is a hard rule to enforce so we expect all the community members to stay dignified. It is also very important that clear proof to be brought up against anyone who is accused of stealing, as a wrong accusation of plagiarism can ruin a person's reputation needlessly. Anyone who accuses someone of stealing without showing proof along with the claim, will face a warning and then a yellow card if the mods find that the accusations are simply a case of abuse. And please remember to always speak to a mod about the matter first.

Article 8: Warez/Serials/Illegal activities:
Posting warez, serials, links to sites related to such material and especially links to download FIFA is strictly forbidden. Doing so will warrant a ban with no warning.

Article 9: Private Messaging:
Please use the Private Message (PM) system if you only intend to speak with one particular person. This would make the forums a better place for everybody.

Article 10: Post Boosting:
Please do not post boost. If you see a thread that is stupid, repeated or asking about illegal stuff, then report it (with the "Report this post to a moderator" link), but do not start with 'Closed this thread' or 'You're getting banned' posts.

Article 11: Off-topic threads:
Please do not drive threads off-topic. Post only if you have something to add to the conversation and do not post to change the subject or just fight with someone about something that has nothing to do with the subject that the Thread Starter mentioned.

Article 12: Pointless attachments:
Please do not attach images that are unrelated to the thread topic. Doing so repeatedly can be deemed as spamming. If you wish to have a signature (an image under each of your post), read here for the rules and instructions:

Other points to note:

1. EA developers or other members of their staff do read these forums and take into account what members post. However, there are strict rules that prohibit them from posting.
2. EA Chat Session answers can be found at;threadid=284

List compiled by ahmedk, Hercules, Hakeem.

Feel free to contact any mod in this forum using the Private Messaging system for queries.
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