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Starting XI
Arnau yuor Iniesta is wonderfull !!!!!!!!! and i want to ask you about gourkuff and Oliveira faces ? Did you finish make them ? simply I wanted to play in fifa06 by milan until left Fifa 07


Youth Team
Hey Arnau,

great faces as usual!!! :rockman:
Here are some requests from me, so if you find some time I would be very thankful dude! Gracias! :ewan:

Michael Rensing (Bayern Munich):

Daniel van Buyten (Bayern Munich)

Julio Dos Santos (Bayern Munich)

Roque Santa Cruz (Bayern Munich)

Andreas Ottl (Bayern Munich)

Mehmet Scholl (Bayern Munich)

For FIFA 06 or 07, it does not matter :ewan:

Cheers mate...


Youth Team
Casanova said:
Arnau why you ignoring my requests for release Oliveira and Gourcuff ? and please make face of Julio Dos Santos

Calm down and keep cool, man...I don't think that he is ignoring you, but it's his decision when or even if he wants to release them or not. So don't get mad, man! :kader:


Senior Squad
arnau could you make vladimir marin, the player of independiente? He is already in fifa, he appears in the atletico paranaense squad under the name 'marin'

are those pics good enough?

tnx in advance :)


Starting XI
Arnau PLEASE release Oliveira and Gourkuff Or show textures of faces (t21......fsh) and I more never ask you to make any faces