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Someone has the CM10 CM10 COMPATIBILITY patch?


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Version: 1.1
Date: 16 November 2009
Author: Outsider 87 ([email protected])

NEW IN VERSION 1.1: Added two new functions:
1) the program can process generic goalkeeper kits
2) the program can process referee kits giving them a black armband for the right wrist tape.

INSTALLATION: Just run this video setup and then use Armband Tool 10 to install the model you want and start processing kits of your fifa 10 leagues.

NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required for the Armband Tool 10!!!

NOTE: This patch and the program should work properly also under 64bit systems.

The Armband Patch 10, editing the player models, provide a new way of having captain armbands ingame. After the patch installation you are allowed to give a different armband to each kits of each team with Creation Master 10 built-in function. This is not possible with original Fifa 10 that has only one armband for all teams and kits.

NOTE: The installation of a patched player model means also that, if you don't insert an armband file for the kit of the team, you will see a red-green missing texture as armband of that kit. To avoid this you have to install armbands textures to as many teams as possible. You can do this quickly (doing a whole league at once or even all teams of the game) with Armband Tool 10. Then, use CM10 built-in function, to import a single armband for a single team if you want.

NOTE: The way to patch the player model to have a different armband for each team has a side effect: every right wrist band (of every player of the team) now has the colour of the first top-left pixel of the armband. This is the solution I found not to be obliged to completely delete right wrist band from the model. A small side effect I think, afterall...

NOTE: please read the Help file of the Armband Tool 10 to know how to use it properly!

Download here CM10: Master 10

Thanks to Rinaldo the CM10 has been built to be compatible with this patch. After the installation of this patch with the setup you should be able to edit armbands in the CM10.

KNOWN ISSUE CM10: for a known issue of the current CM10 version, if you import a kit without re-importing the armband, the default Milan Unicef armband will be imported with the kit instead of the one you had. So please, every time you want to change a kit, remember to re-import also the armband.

To uninstall only the models (having original FIFA 10 armband system back) you can use the Armband Tool 10.
If instead you want to completely delete everything about this patch (and also the possibility to edit armbands from CM10) please run the uninstaller you find in the program folder...