Archway and plinth editing


Club Supporter
Hello all.

I'm currently creating a mod that updates Ligue 1 to the new logo along with the new kits for all teams. I was able to revise a most things, however the 2 things that have been a pain in the butt are the entry archway when the team enters the field and the plinth logo that the ball sits on before the referee takes it.

I've attempted to replace the color file for the archway with a revised png, but no luck. The lighting in the stadium goes all wacky and any edit I do eliminates the archway. The lighting seems to work fine if I export from Photoshop into a png with 'embed color profile' checked but the archway still doesn't appear.

As for the plinth, I can't seem to figure out where the league logo is pulled from in order to revise it to the new logo. The plinth file that I find in frosty does not have the texture housed within that section.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Thank you!