Any tutorial of creating face mod for FIFA 22?


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Hey guys! I was a face modder back in FIFA 16.

I am planning to create face mod for FIFA again because the FIFA Editor Tool and FIFA Mod Manager are available now. As I stopped modding since FIFA started to use Frostbite, I need some basic knowledge of face modding in FIFA 22.

1. What tools do I need?
(Now I have Photoshop, Blender, FIFA Editor Tool and FIFA Mod Manager)

2. Any plugin for Blender to import FIFA models?

3. Any starheads archive I could use to look for similar model?

4. How to assign custom face mod for player with generic head? I did some research and found that we have to use existing face ID. Could someone explain to me in more detail?

5. How to create mod for FIFA Mod Manager?

This modding community has been very quiet in recent years. I saw many face modders posting their works in Twitter and we need to pay for them. My plan is to share my face mods here, just like old times!


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Ey @lth19951021

Am no expert but, a good place to start shown on the video below.

I am also trying to find the best way to make good quality faces for free public.

From what I've seen the tools you have are whats being used. I do suspect there are better ways of making faces using other software other than shown in the video. Haven't figured it out yet.

No starhead/plugins found as yet.

I think you need to replace an existing face ID using your custom face/hair/beard etc in the editor tool, then export the modded project file to a .fmod file type. Import the .fmod file to FifaMod manager and launch Fifa through the modmanager. Once in the game use the LiveEditor/CheatTable to assign your generic head the modded face.

Visit the Fifa editor tool page, Aranactu Live Editor and Cheat Table forums for more info.


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Thanks for the info.

What does "existing face ID" mean? A face ID used in a player with real face? Can't we just put custom face as addon without changing face ID?


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Can anyone tell me what did I do wrong?

I tested the head model with no mesh editing. Just exported fbx file (with player skeleton) from FIFA Editor Tool, imported into Blender and exported as a new fbx file.



According to those youtube tutorials for FIFA 21 I deleted mesh_lod1:eyes_mat, mesh_lod1:head_mat and mesh_lod2:head_mat.


Here are my export settings in Blender.

I imported the fbx file in FIFA Editor Tool with player skeleton and cleared ComputeGraph.


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First attempt at face that I gave a bit of time to (Almada). Never mind the mouth, nose & eyes for now. It isn't as hard as it is made out to be.

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Your orientation settings may be different from the editor tool settings. Try toggle a few axis combinations you will find your right settings.




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I also have a problem with orthographic view in Blender. You can see the eyes pop out of the head and the mouth and the left ear look off. The vertices are okay and the model looks fine in user perspective view. So I guess there are some settings I have to fix in Blender.


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