any tips on shooting/scoring?


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im on hard setting at around 80% done. just wondered if any of you got some tips on scoring and shooting. if u hold 'O' does do more powerful shot than tapping? i think it sometimes really hard to score the keeper always saves it but then sometimes ur shot goes in really easy!

i also find when sending the ball high to a player to do first time shot that by time player has controlled it you've been tackled.

one tip i have to score when one on one with kepper push up on skill stick to lift ball over your head then as drops shoot.

with skills i find u do skill take it around first player but half way through the skill there always a player waiting there to snatch it off u! :rolleyes:


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well the easiest way to score is by linking moves together with combos. Ive found that when you get in four of five moves before you shoot, the ball pretty much every time goes in. Try this:

1. Position yourself at midfield or farther back.

2. Face away from the defender

3. Do at least two taunts by holding down Turbo (R1 for PS2), Trick Shift (L1) and moving the Trick Stick (Right analog stick) in any direction. The fastest ones are right and left. [THIS IS STILL WHILE FACING AWAY]

4. After doing your two taunts, release Turbo but hold onto Trick shift (L1) and move the right analog stick in any direction. It will do a high point trick and you will generally get the ball past the player

5. As soon as your beat move is completed, press lob (BOX) and keep the ball in the air by pressing lob repeatedly. Once you are within a close shooting distance of the goal (BALL STILL KNOCKED AROUND IN AIR), press and hold shoot button in bottom corner. If you score, your points will be multiplied by the amount of combos you have done, so one goal can equal up to even 6000 points.

It works believe me. In my Kick Around games i generally average 134,000-160,000 points


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Well, ya if your on a hard setting :rolleyes: Put it on an easier setting, you will score all the time, trust me. (6)