any leagues?


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im looking for a good league to join i was in 1 already but it seemed like after the few weeks then every 1 stops playin so if you got any 1 let me know plz


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-Start your career in the conference, Proving yourself worthy and active enough to reach league 2, Here you'll begin your PGL leagues, battling it out with others to reach the premier league to play the best of the best, While playing in the FA and Carling Cup, Whos know you could take accrington stanley to the final.

- PGL also offers a variety of other leagues and competition; Champions League, Europa League, Interleagues, Grand Slam, The World Cup, World Club Championship and Much More, All active and booming.

- We have community games, For example North Vs South 10 on 10, England Vs Greece [With our ever-growing greece players] and a PGL Fifa Club for general fun.

-We Pride ourselfs on being one of the best sites around and are always up for a challenge against other Fifa sites, In our Super 10's Cup.

- A Dedicated Admin and Mod team, Who are around constantly to help with any "little or Big" situation, The team makes sure that anyone breaking the rules are dealt with immediatly so other members don't have to suffer.

-We Also offer other game night apart from FIFA, For example COD MW2, Red Dead Redemption, Forza 3, Madden 2010 and More

So If your looking for a Fifa Gaming site without Hackers, Cheaters, Immature people, Abusive people, Bad sportsmanship etc etc. Then check out;

WWW.PROGAMERLEAGUES.COM "Where the Community is our Passion"
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