Any chance...


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of a fm 07 SG United! i know this is very cheeky that i am asking for this to happen and i am not willing to contribute in any way but who cares!!! lol. i just asking if anyone has the time to organise one as it seems to b tradition around here!


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i think there was some discussion about this before. honestly can't remember the outcome but i'd be willling to contribute my services if someone does decide to start one up.

The limitations of the new editor at the moment may also cause a problem.


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Me too, i enjoyed playing it last time around. I also enjoyed checkin into the forum to see how "I" had been doing in other peoples games :p

Its obviously quite a bit of work however so i wouldnt be suprised if the people who would eventually be interested in doing it are currently to busy enjoying the new game to bother atm.

But im hoping in time they'll give it a shot :)


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i think it would be fun, but this editor is much worse then the other one

you can't even pick team colours


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The editor will be drastically improved when the 7.0.1 patch arrives:

Data Editor v7.0.1
- Fixed game crash when changing an official to a player or non player.
- Fixed problem with changes not being stored on Mac.
- Fixed problem with displaying Used For National Team on stadium.
- Added kit and colour editing for clubs and nations.
- Added filters to all searches.
- Added option to change user data folder.
- Added ability to add new Clubs, Cities, Stadiums, Weather, Injuries, Media Sources and Awards.
- Added ability to delete People, Clubs, Cities, Stadiums, Weather, Injuries, Media Sources and Awards.
- Added Club & Nation Relationships.
- Enabled Board Confidence editing for Chairmen (to modify Chairman Status).


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thats great news, i once heard SI say it was goign to be released late november... tsill waiting