aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)


Oh and tits.
Looking great. I think a bit of work on the expression-eyes/eyebrows and mouth/lips may be needed but I don't know. He looks a bit unhappy and aged.


Super Moderator
its' because of his moustache. it's too thin. also improve on the expression by changing the angle of his eyebrows. the mouth shape also needs touching up. I don't think it's far off from sanches, it's a really good effort.


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Anuke,i know you can do better. Really good and authentic hair except of mine but whole face is far from renato as for me.


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I think the model looks great.:D Sometimes a face loses its similarity with a EA styled texture. Maybe try a photorealistic texture.


Reserve Team
Romanian team very good on euro 16,except game against albania.
Not to mutch famous players, not to mutch quality but good team.
I am sorry about elimination.
Next time will be beter.
Btw,my selection is not on euro16. Romania it is, so this is success.


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The hair and overall work is very good as always. But there is no similarity in the face. Maybe the base model is the problem? I don't know.. :/


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So i saw that EA scanned Pogba this year...Challenge accepted!! :D