aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)


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Neymar JR



Youth Team
Abramwade;3855004 said:
Tu as quitté PES ? :ewan:

Non, mais en attendant le 15 septembre je viens voir les oeuvres des facemakers fifa, qui sont pas mal cette année avec les effets de lumieres :)

I like coming here to see some great works , this year even more due to the new lighting which makes realistic result


Senior Squad
this is the hair I want to see, I don't care if he doesn't use it in games, should make two options.
Map that face anuke theres some real good detail and the lighting is perfect :P


Starting XI
awesome Neymar
you should work more with hair from back ,head model from side and back and make neck tattoo from right

FV. Wesjuh

Youth Team
Neymar is pretty good, only the hairs look very bad and the lips do still have some white parts on it because of the lightning. Looking forward to the final result. Maybe you can export Neymar's texture from PES for even more quality in the texture?