Another footballer dies during a match


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Again, I have to say that the FAs should impose a medical controll for all the players of the teams affiliated with it. I know they say in that article he had no problems but I'm sure he hadn't had a medical control in those county leagues.


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The thing is that very often there is absolutely no way to tell that this might happen - some people are 100% healthy, pass all the tests and then just keel over dead. The heart is a complex organ, and sometimes just develops a fatal malfunction out of nowhere.

I agree it's a little concerning how often this seems to be happening these days though.

Anyway, for what it's worth RIP to him and condolences to his friends and family.


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Sad to hear that... RIP.

Jaboldinho;2864393 said:

Just plain weird. Don't remember these happening until the last couple of years, and now it seems we have one each month, or so...


It doesn't happen more often in the general population. The reason why it seems to be more common in footballers is because it is always reported when it happens. If you look at it this way, one footballer has died out of millions of footballers out there worldwide. Its prevalence in footballers is the same as the general population. No relation to football or whatsoever. Most of these are cardiomyopathies and can't be cured. Cardiomyopathies are defects in your heart muscles. Mostly congenital.


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Why the hell do they have a picture of Klasnic heading the article?? I thought for a second that it was him that died.


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It has been documented that many of the deaths happened to players coming back from injuries.
During that period many of them were treated with drugs like diclofenac and NSAIDs. These drugs have side effects which could lead to heart failure in combination of excessive training.

Not that I think footballers train really hard but the cardiovascular workout is probably enough strain on the heart. I also believe that the coagulation factors could be involved.

Yes teams have doctors but the players are also responsible for what they are taking. Most footballers are nursed like babies and most probably wouldnt be able to function (yes scary thought) without these "nurses".


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Pretty stupid to give him a yellow card for that since yellow cards should actully be given when the player stands back up, not when he's down at the ground.