Announcements from Eidos


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Eidos has released a couple of announcements.

First there's the announcement of a PSP version of Championship Manager.

PSP highlights include:

+ A realistic 2D match engine

+ 55 playable leagues across the top 12 footballing nations, including Europe, Asia and South America

+ 25,000 players from 100 nations

+ Exclusive PSP game modes, including Challenge mode and Quick-play 3 season mode

+ Live Cup Draws

+ Realistic manager options to influence your team tactics, and the match result

+ Fully interactive transfer system simulating modern day negotiations

+ Exclusive PSP skin and interface

+ Interactive Board and Backroom staff

+ Downloadable Season Data – keep all of your stats right up to date via

Second, and a whole lot less interesting, if possible, is a list of new games, including Championship Manager 6.

Carry on.