Andreas Ottl


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I downloaded this wonderful Ottl face from DJ Atze but i dont think he does for fifa06 any longer...i was hoping if someone could help me c whats the problem. Whenever i sub him out,my whole game will crash.Also when i sub him in, there will be missing heads for other players...i really hope someone can help me cos the Ottl face is really terrific.....i dont know how to attach the File but if someone could help pls do ask me to e-mail it to u. I would really appreciate it. Thank you


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Where did you download him?
Has he already released him? I can't find him anywhere! Please tell me where to download him! This face is so genius!


Youth Team
Hey ben, I took a look at the face files that you sent me, and I found 2 problems................first of all the face is 2.5gf. You should resize the face to 256x128. The hair is fine. Also, the files had the id number 714. Andreas Ottl is number 157618. I hope this helps. It will solve your problem. I just tested it in my game. The face is superb. Just resize and rename the files to id number 157618 instead of 714.....