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I would like to apologize for my somewhat rude criticizm of Creation Centre.

After having some trouble with using Creation Centre for FIFA04 and 05, I decided to give it a last try.

So I un-installed and re-installed FIFA05 (which I thought had better options for editing), downloade the latest version of Cration Centre for FIFA05 which is Creation Centre and it's actually working! :)

I've been editing some stuff for a couple of days and so far no problem.

Therefore I would like to apologize to Chau and those responsible for the program. At least this version is functioning perfectly and I'm very happy with it. I hope that you forgive me for my rude comments earlier and keep up the good work!


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Well, it's cool that you came and did this man. Editors do not deserve to be screamed at and insulted for trying their best to bring enhancements to the game.

Chau worked long and hard on this program, and I might add, on similar programs for past EA Fifa games. He has a family too that he likes to spend time with rather than spend months working on something like Creation Center. He had basically retired from game editing but was pleaded with to continue. He did that for us all and I know he was pretty hurt by some of the comments directed at him. Not just by you but by many other thoughtless, ungratefull individuals who seem to think he has some kind of obligation to produce.

Thats why it is more difficult every year to get him to muster any enthusiasm to continue making these programs for us.

If he reads your post, I'm sure he will be heartened by it. I hope so.

Editors do not get paid for all the work they do. They do it for free, for the love of the game and to give gamers the upgrades and enhancements that they desire. People should bear that in mind next time they decide to hassle or berate one editor or another for simply doing their best for the community.


But pede what don't EA Sports make a good creation center so that people like Chau won't have to work so hard. :rockman:

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dipanjan said:
But pede what don't EA Sports make a good creation center so that people like Chau won't have to work so hard. :rockman:

Yes, that's my point too. Especially considering the fact that Total Club Manager 2004 had a decent editor where it was possible to edit most of the looks and attributes of the players and even most of the kits too. Why is it so impossible to come up with a decent editor for the FIFA games?

If the people at EA Sports really did care for the game itself and the people who buy the games, then they should pay some attention to forums like this and try to come up with editors and such which will make it easier for users to change player's looks and attributes, import kits and such, just like Creation Centre is supposed to do.

It also surprises met that when EA Sports have succeded in coming up with some decent ice hockey games, the standard of the football games are so low. After having to abandon my FIFA RTWC 98 aftre many years of playing, I was surprised (and a bit shocked) that most of the football games made after 1998 have such a low standard, I mean , you can't even make a player change team, like Henrik Larsson from Barcelona to Helsingborg.

As for Chau, I have always thought that the person or people responsible for Creation Centre was in some way associated with EA Sports because of the somewhat official look and status of the program. I must admit that much of my criticizm was based on the fact or assumption that EA Sports in some way were responsible for the program


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I suppose the fact that EA are Canadian, is the reason that Ice hockey games have seen such a big improvement over the years. Perhaps they still do not appreciate that The Fifa games, even withstanding the huge sales, is the biggest product they have. Maybe they just prefer Hockey to Football.

As for an EA endorsed Creation Center, I do believe that EA did indeed ask Chau to make the 2005 version although I have no idea how involved they actually were in the project. Like all programs though, there are always going to be bugs here and there, especially considering the various operating systems that are used by the Worlds gamers.

If I remember correctly, there was a delay in releasing the 2005 CC, which caused such an uproar within the community, that Chau released it on the understanding that between us we would thrash out any problems that we might encounter, through forums like this. This generally worked very well, and with every complaint recieved, Chau would go back into the program to rectify the problem. Occasionally someone would lose their rag at the guy, but generally people were patient. Eventually we had a program that worked perfectly.

EA have just released a roster patch for Fifa 2007. This has been found to have a bug or two and EA are reworking the patch. So it happens all along the line really. We just need to be patient with people thats all.

Personally, my life has never taken a turn for the worse just because I couldn't have something that I wanted. Is it really that important anyway? I know I enjoy playing with the CC but Its not the biggest thing in my life.

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Sometimes not being able to have what you want can make you frustrated. Sometimes losing something you liked and being unable to replace it can make you frustrated.

I actually liked FIFA RTWC98 and if there was some program or patch available which could make it functioning on my current computer, I woud probabley still play it.

I liked the game itself, despite the lousy graphics, I liked to be able to play with every possible national team in the world plus some leagues too and I liked the fact that I could easily edit and update the teams, kits and such.

It's not that funny to have a decent game but having to play with team rosters which are two years old and not being able to edit them.

Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist here but that's how I feel about it.


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I buy Fifa and NHL every year from EA and I don't see any real improvement with NHL07 actually for the last 3 years nothing has really changed that much...just like with Fifa all the good upgrades/dowloads/uniforms/arenas/nets/editors/gameplays are made by people like we have here at soccergaming...they've added a few exta special moves here and there, but things like the fight engine are the same year after year....and player moves are never complete.
I like these games alot and will continue to buy them, but I don't see much more effort going into NHL 07 than Fifa 07

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I agree that the games are not getting any better. My favorite games were NHL99 and FIFA RTWC 98. Unfortunately they are impossible to play on my new computer and I dont have the old one any longer.

Now I play NHL 2004 and FIFA 2005 but they are not as good as the old favorites. However, it's easy to edit things in NHL 2004.