ambitious idea for a patch (:


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i've always been a fan of the CEP versions.. however, they didn't have all of their transfers accurated enough and it always produced unstability issues (i remember the CEP for fifa 07 sended me to desktop everytime there was an offside call)...

so what I would like to do is to make a new patch with more leagues , kinda like CEP, but with accurate transfers.

however, i don't know aboput how to patch.. i can only make a successful contribution with the rosters and transfers.

any interested people who would like to helpm can post here :) if not .. well... don't help xD

suggestions for leagues are free :)


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I agree, it would be awesome to get the greatest workers here together and work on this patch, however, that might delay releases of other patches... I could help with rosters, I would need some help with the attributes for the players there, maybe you and me could work together with the rosters and I can help to do some stadiums, if I can find a decent tool for it but don't count on my help just yet, I'm thinking of doing my own patch that has the whole Bosnian Premijer Liga, if that idea comes true, I can give the league so that it can be used for the patch here, but you'll have to get me credit for it ;) All I need to get started are some good tools, including one for stadiums, if you can help me to get one, I just might give my help on this project


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I know... that's why i try to made it a topic so all the modders /(including people like ac12, outsider and duong) could see it... so pass the idea to the others and we get some more people on this (:


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let's be realistic...

that was always my dream too.. though after years of editing the DB of FIFA's i've finally understood that it is just too much effort for the perfect result that you want but that never comes to life, giving you more of an unsatisfaction feeling in the end instead of all pleasure you should expect...

so, this year, and thanks to Rinaldo's fabulous CM early beta release i've finally "seen the light" and i'm almost completing what i think is a much more consistent, accurate and enjoyable patch...

my main goal playing FIFA is to take the most out of the Manager Mode, so what i did was to create 2 small leagues that could add to it the feeling that was missing, yet without having the need to patch leagues over leagues that at the end will cause my game to crash or to be unaccurate and it's absolutely over time-consuming:

1 - REST OF EUROPE LEAGUE (20 teams)

From Greece
- AEK (ingame)
- PAOK (ingame)
- Panathinaikos (ingame)
- Olympiakos (ingame)

- Aris
From Romania
- Steaua Buc.
- Dinamo Buc.
- Rapid Buc.
- Cluj
From Cyprus
From Hungary
- Debreceni
From Ukraine
- Dinamo Kiev
- Shakhtar Donetsk
From Serbia
- Partizan
- Crvena Zvezda
From Bulgaria
- Levski
From Israel
- Macc. Haifa
From Croatia
- Din. Zagreb
- Hajduk Split

Fully edited teams, fully playable on Manager mode with 4 first teams qualifying for UCL and 5th to 7th teams for UEL. These 2 tournaments i also revised them to fit better the real life, with russian, norwegian or irish champions being qualified for UCL too when you win those championships (e.g.)!


From Argentina
- Boca (ingame)
- River (ingame)

- Estudiantes
- Independiente
From Chile
- Colo Colo
- Univ. Chile
From Uruguay
- Peñarol
- Nacional

Fully edited teams, fully playable on Manager mode with 5 first teams qualifying for a revised, more real Copa Libertadores tournament.


I also created 6 african teams just for my own amusement on custom tournaments or friendly matches, these being:

From Tunisia
- Espérance
- Sahel
- Sfaxien
- C. Africain
From Egypt
- Ahly
- Zamalek

All in all, i've worked hard for 1 or 2 weeks (yeah, work is still at 70% maybe, but this is the estimated time to finish) and then have the game almost as perfect and enjoyable as i think it should be right from the beggining, when you buy it...

Sorry for the long text but this is my TRULLY EXPERIMENTED opinion, i'm not trying to tell you that your idea is bad, just consider doing such a thing and you'll see that you'll be much happier gaming your FIFA!


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i know it's a hard work, that's why.. if we're gonna release somethin like this... it should be ith the help of everyone who has the time or the will to participate.

anyway thanks for the statement, nice patch yours if it sees the light =)


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oh yeah... it is seeing the light already at my laptop...

when finished i'll maybe upload it, on CMP or something and you can use anything you want from there!!!


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there will also be an AFRICAN LEAGUE at my patch:

1 - Kaizer Chiefs
2 - O. Pirates
3 - Esp. Tunis
4 - C. Africain
5 - CS Sfaxien
6 - Et. Sahel
7 - Ahly
8 - Zamalek


this will just be a league, without cup nor continental competition qualifyings.
meant to be extra fun and extra basis for transfer market in manager mode also.


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both american and african leagues will only have 8 teams and so will play 4 times during the season, making them 28 matchdays leagues.

the european will be regular home and away rounds, completing 38 matchdays like the Spanish or Italian leagues, e.g.


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taraji;2747129 said:
both american and african leagues will only have 8 teams and so will play 4 times during the season, making them 28 matchdays leagues.

the european will be regular home and away rounds, completing 38 matchdays like the Spanish or Italian leagues, e.g.

nice man (: could u send me a PM to tell me how do u start creating teams? thx (:


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Hello man
This is my first post in this forum. Can you put peruvian teams in this patch?, I can help you with kit, players etc.
The most important peruvian teams is this moment are:
alianza lima
U. san martin
sporting cristal
Juan aurich

I can help you with this teams :D