Alex's Faces


Reserve Team
Alexandru Maxim (Vfb Stuttgart & Romania NT)


Reserve Team
I don't have a HQ picture of him, that`s the problem. I will update the hair to fit perfectly the head.

Gabriel Torje (Osmanlispor & Romania NT)

Little update


Senior Squad
Work a little bit more on the lights, especially the right part.
I'm not sure about the hairshape too, which picture did you use ?


Senior Squad
Dude, Florins hair is bad, far too dark and I don't like the model...

He should have hair like in this image.
Great head model howver :)
We should not have to assign play faces through lua updates if hair alphas are done correctly.


Club Supporter
I know Maxim's, Raţ' and Tătăruşanu's faces might not be finished, but still, I'd really love to download them.

Baftă în continuare!