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Alex mate you're boots are perfect like always, hey mate please make this 2 Mercurial IX's in yours new template, you do then before in beta version, here nem pics from then for help you:

thx mate .

a L E x _ 1 O

Reserve Team
Thanks guys, and thank you Icaro, you send me ALWAYS the best pics to see the correct colourways :D I'll make it in a few minutes!! ;)

tute10;3392022 said:
Please alex dont forget nike maxim ball copa libertadores. Thanks in advance

Hi tute10, I wanna absolutely make the new T90 Maxim of the Copa Libertadores...but unfortunately I haven't so many pics to see the correct draws!! :\ can you help me?!

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Reserve Team
Puma PWR-C PowerCat 1.12 Graphic FG Set HD 512x512 and 256x256 Size Cesc Fabregas

Puma PowerCat 1.12 Graphic FG

BlazingYellow MedievalBlue FlameScarlet

BlazingYellow MedievalBlue FlameScarlet *Cesc Fabregas Alternative Soleplate*

Reflex BumpMap

3D BumpMap

I think that is the most difficult colourway that I've ever drawn :rockman: so...enjoy it!! :D

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo's Limited Edition Top Scorer

I've updated the post of the new CR7 boots ;) See you tomorrow for the other two Mercurial Vapor XI colourways!! Goodnight!!

a L E x _ 1 O;3377492 said:
Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC *CR7 Limited Edition Version*

White TotalOrange DarkObsidian - SG Soleplate

White TotalOrange DarkObsidian - FG Soleplate

SG Reflex BumpMap

FG Reflex BumpMap

*Use Default 3D BumpMap*