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Hi Alex, may I ask you to make a Chinese Super League's ball?
If you don't have time, may I use your template to modify it? Of course all credits are you.
Thanks very much.


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a L E x _ 1 O;3917222 said:
Bear with me, buddies, but I have to finish really a lot of colorways (under priority order):
++Nike Mercurial Superfly Radiant Reveal

Hope you'll like it: have a goodnight, guys :D

Hi master,
Superfly and Vapor are the only boots that left to complete Radiant Reveal pack


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just wait, alex's superfly is the, we only have to wait, he is with a lot of work.
And we are waiting for the vapor from xuskan and the vapor pack for alexdelpiero to.

a L E x _ 1 O

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Nike Radiant Reveal Preview

The Superfly Radiant Reveal's circle gradient texture is one of the hardest I've ever done... :fuck:

But don't worry, in a few hours I'll release one of the best boots with one of the best textures you've ever seen :mrpimp:


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Nike Mercurial Superfly Radiant Reveal Spring '16 Collection HD FUT Volt Orange Pink

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG - Radiant Reveal Pack Spring 2016 Collection
White Black Volt TotalOrange HyperPink

Reflex BumpMap

3D BumpMap (512x512 only)

Okay, now I can definitively and honestly say that this is the best Supafly I've ever done!! :yoyo:

I'll post a huge Superfly/Magista pack in the coming days, when I'll finish the latest CR7 Natural Diamond/Quinhentos versions.

Have a good night guys, but first...ENJOY!! Haha :munch: