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a L E x _ 1 O;3917222 said:
Nike Magista Obra FG - Radiant Reveal Pack Spring 2016 Collection
White Black PinkBlast Volt

Reflex BumpMap

3D BumpMap (512x512 only)

Stunning as always! If anyone is interested here are rx3 files ready to use in game (based on 512x512px texture)


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Thank you very much!! Don't worry Alex, take the time you need to finish that boots. I (and most of us I guess) don't care to wait a little bit more because we are concius your great job needs a loooot of time ;)


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a L E x _ 1 O;3911127 said:
adidas X 15.1 FG
Pink SolarGreen Black

Reflex BumpMap (512x512 Only)

3D BumpMap (512x512 Only - Use default .dds one)

In the adidas X 2016 v2.0 pack you'll find updated .png and .rx3 versions :)

Download, enjoy and CAUSE THE CHAOS :yoyo:

p.s. @11Manuel: thanks a lot for the Primeknit version, really useful, it looks awesome ingame :D

Hi Alex, please could you tell me if there is any model in FIFA 15 that fits in yours adidas X 15.1?

Cheers and thanks for all!

a L E x _ 1 O

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adidas X 15.1 FG White Semi Solar Slime Black Shock Blue Last ever first gen release

adidas X 15.1 FG
White SemiSolarSlime ShockBlue Black

Reflex BumpMap (512x512 Only)

3D BumpMap (512x512 Only)



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Thank you, master!!! Which of this two reflexes shall be used?

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