Aiden Azar's Beard Problem Is Urgent

Aiden Azar

Club Supporter
:andrei:Ok guys, I hope someone may answer me. So I am a newbie and trying to make a beard for my man, Aiden Azar (FIFA 15)! Using arianos script in Blender 2.71, I imported Aiden's head_model.rx3, face_texture.rx3 and his eye_Texture.rx3. So now I wanna give him ONLY a beard(no head hair). So I added a new mesh called hair_183277_0 and in Edit Mode added a few square planes near his chin. Now I want a material and texture and have NO IDEA how!? So I added a new material called hair_183277 and two textures called hair_coeff then below it hair_cm. Now, can someone tell me how to create a NON-EA STYLE(just a plain transparent image, with some black streaks would do, I hope I know what I'm talking about...) textures for hair_cm and hair_coeff. BTW could someone explain WHAT these two textures do? I mean like in normal EA-STYLE hair textures what do those red, blue and black areas mean and how do they affect the hair model? Those hair-like bunches don't make much sense... And why is hair_cm WHITE-ish in CM15 and in blender when I export it, the bmp is normal hair texture??? Guys please explain in FULL DETAIL and please give me a sample non-EA style BEARD, no hair, texture!
Since my idea is to make the planes have streaks (hair) and background transparent, my final product is supposed look like this Pique's beard near his chin....


Thanks in advance! Peace! Do it for AIDEN AZARRR :D:33vff3o:!