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LIVERPOOL, England (AP) -- Municipal officials in Liverpool are urging the city's high-profile soccer teams, arch-rivals Liverpool and Everton, to consider sharing a ground.

Both clubs are actively looking for new home stadiums and discussed the idea Monday.

"The North West Development Agency, together with Liverpool city council, have asked Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club to discuss the economic development and regeneration benefits of building a new, world-class football stadium in Liverpool," the agency's chairman, Bryan Gray, said in a statement Tuesday.

"The Agency are supportive of Liverpool Football Club's plans to build a new stadium and are keen to ensure that the development brings the greatest possible benefit for the city and the wider north west.

"We are also aware of Everton's ambition for a new home. Hence, discussions are taking place between NWDA, Liverpool city council and the two football clubs."

Liverpool is expected to submit a planning application for a new 100 million pound ($US165 million), 60,000-seat stadium at Stanley Park next week. Everton's plans to move to another part of the city, Kings Dock, recently fell through. Liverpool currently plays at Anfield, while Everton plays at Goodison Park.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry appeared lukewarm about the idea of groundsharing.

"We understand why the NWDA wish to raise the issue of groundsharing, but we also understand the fundamental importance of this issue to our fans and their emotional concerns about a shared ground," he said on the club's Web site Monday.

"These discussions will at least give the opportunity for the pros -- and the cons -- to be debated. In the meantime, it's business as usual, and we will continue to press ahead with our own stadium proposals in (Stanley Park)."

Groundsharing was discussed in the '60s, but opposition from both clubs prevented any action from being taken.

Bluenose bastards, fack aff! :hump:


man that would b messed up. the lakers and the clippers do it in the NBA, and the giants and the jets do it in the NFL.

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Originally posted by rony31
be like Milan and Inter :D :crazyboy:

i forgot about them. But u notice everytime 2 teams share a field one is pimp (Liverpool and Inter) and the other two are weaker (Everton and that sorry Inter rival) :brow: huh rony?


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Lazio and Roma do it as well. And I know that 2 big teams from South America share as well. Not really a bad idea. Would give fans a reason to be better spectators seeing as there's a competiton lol.


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Haha Milan is the "sorry inter rival" you have got to be smoking some marijuana man! HAHA, Milan are bigger than Inter, also I think this sharing stadium is a GREAT idea, saves money. ALso just increase the proposed size to around 80,000 and it will be perfect.

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I reckon Mr Bill Shankly is turning in his grave. Think of values, standards and traditions a firm basis on what our great club of Liverpool FC was built upon. Yes we must progress but progression is as a club, one club, one Liverpool FC.

We are sick of hearing about the NWD agency airing their ideas on the regeneration of Liverpool. Utter crap, they're in it for the money full stop. They are business men who will stop at nothing to fulfill their own personal dreams and line the pockets of those vunerable individuals who are willing to assist them (dare I mention the Council), thank God Hatton is no longer part of it, or is he? They know nothing of football or of the traditions of out great club. In the words of the great Jim Royal "Ground Share! My Arse"
we have to remember why did we break up with Everton in the 1st place... it is due to the disagreement in the ground matter... so i'm pretty sure that the board will not accept the concept of a shared stadium...:kader:


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Where Everton even won the title in 1891! :rolleyes:

I am totally 120% opposed to sharing a ground with the Redshyte thieves of Merseyside... :kader:


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It's a grand old team to play for,
it's a Grand old team to support
And if you know your history, (esp. the bit about stealing Anfield)
It's enough to make your heart go Ooohhh
We don't care what the Redshyte say
What the F*ck do we care?

For we only know that there's going to be a show
if the Everton boys are there!!!
we have the financial capability of moving to a new stadium alone.. ahem... *cough* some bluenose have failed in all their bid for a new ground to build their new stadium...*cough*