Ads with sound


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Ok so lately im having issues with an ad of some sort of online game. The issue is that it contains a sound which is quite annoying.


Staff member
I'd like to second this. It's an ad for some game called Fiesta. It's a pain in the ass browsing the forum. It's ruining my music!


Team Captain
These ads have gotten really annoying, there are now multiple ones with distracting music/speaking.


Senior Squad
Or Chrome, there is AdBlocker for Chrome also. I used Firefox for a long time, but it made my video driver crash every time it was opened, so I was pissed, switched to Chrome and no problems so far. Chrome is great!
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Medicaid provides health coverage for about 53 million lowerincome Americans and is a shared responsibility of the federal government and states. The federal government picks up, on average, about twothirds of the costs and sets minimum rules for which groups of people must be covered and what medical benefits must be included. States are free to go further, and most do..
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