Adidas font for world cup 2006 finished !


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Hello everybody , Yesterday I had finished creating the Adidas typeface used for kits in the world cup 2006 however , I think that the bauhaus letter sizes are somehow greater than tha numbers I created , therefore when you open the file , do not panic if you cannot see the numbers clearly , however that is a tiny problem any one who has got font creator can fix it . any way you are welcomed to use it in any way you like it , but please pleease pleeease do not ask me to do any regulations on it beacuse it really took me a very very very long time !
the best font size is 60 and all sizes above ( so that the parallel lines appear clearly ) and here is the link ! :
Goodbye now ! :ewan:


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i'll try them, but reading at what you wrote, don't you think would be better to release that in 100% without problems?


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They must be in .pfb format , if you have macromedia fontgrapher you can do it , otherwise wait until I download it and convert it ! :)


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is there a chance to get the file (truetype)? i'm searching for it a very long time ... please!! :$

i know, i'm late :)