Addictedness Ratings


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What has been your longest time/highest addictedness rating on CM 03/04? (I think it goes by the number of days you have been playing...)

Im currently upto 13 days

It says: Stop Bugging me! Can't you see im Playing?

I've done that in 5 months since I started the game so its not that extreme, in the game I am in Nov 2012

Some are funny.


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I've only started 3 games with Cm03/04. I now have about 13-14 days in my current game (the only one Im actualy playing, Ive been doing so for the last about 6months :crazyboy: ) Im getting the same msg with JTNY


Starting XI
I remember one in 01/02 about clean underwear, then if the fire alarm goes off, that means run out of house.(H)