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Over at the Soccer Gaming Downloads Centre we've developed a new and improved way for you to add your files. Now you simply fill out an easy-to-use form with all the details of your file. Once you complete the form and send the download in, your download will be added within a matter of hours.

To take advantage of this new feature, Click Here.


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Add Your PES Files To The Downloads Centre

Er is nog geen goede option file voor PES6 uitgekomen :wink:


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One of the active members on this forum, Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba lives there too, he's a really fun and amusing guy. Do you think you could meet up with him sometime at a pub or take him out to a game? You've been here since 2008 and are considered a part of the forums.

Sir Calumn

Ha are you a season ticket holder? If you can get me a ticket for the Chelsea game I will buy you as many of Delia's pies as you can swallow......


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I would not take him to the Chelsea game as Sir_Didier_Drogba has forsaken his local club for the allure of Russian billions.