Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, ETC Request Thread


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AC5;3692488 said:
Adipure Battle Pack, anybody?
Is this the only unmade WC adidas boots? I can't seem to find this. I'm trying to complete the boots for my Germany squad. Someone make these please... (although it's fugly :facepalm:)


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Someone got



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Ok everyone i have a small request. Guatemala's Flags that is it xD i noticed that this fifa's flags have a different structure. So thanks to anyone who helps :)


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pao4ever;3697174 said:
I know it's not a quality effort, but hey, it's better than nothing!

Thx Good enough for me :D ! If u have time and of course want to do also Umbro Accerator Endo & Mizuno Basara (Yellow / Black) ?!
Someone please create HD (2048x2048) versions of the 2014-15 season balls of the major tournaments. I think it will be an awesome contribution to the community and people will really appreciate it. I know I will if somebody creates them. Because I know they put a lot of their time into making FIFA better for us to enjoy.

So if any awesome modder agrees to do it, the can go to FootyHeadlines and click on the balls tab and they will find all the details about the new balls.

By the way, I would have posted the links but I can't cause I'm newly registered and I cannot post links or images until I have made 10 posts. So, sorry