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i'm bored.


Some Webforms Does not work with your email
Due to the length of the email address, some webforms are not setup to handle such a long email address, and such as, they may deem your email address as invalid or even fraudulent! This is the only email address that would allow you to fail an online webform!

Some Email Software Cannot be configured
Again some email software may throw you an error message stating that the email address you enter is invalid simply because the email address is too long! This is also the only email address that would allow you to fail an email software as well!

People Cannot Remember your email address
It will be extremely hard for your friends or your coworkers to actually remember your email address because it is just too long! This is the only email address that would allow you to tease at your friends for not being able to remember your email address!

Companies think that your email address is fake
Companies nowadays love to send spam to people's email boxes, but imagine what they would think of your email address when they see it; they might think that it is fake and don't even bother sending you any spam mail! This is the only email address that would actually encourage companies to stop sending spam to you!

The World's Longest Email Address
Like the Great Wall of China, this is the longest alphabetical email address on Earth and it will remain so for the foreseeable years! Be extraordinary, get your free email account today!


World's Longest Email Address

The longest alphabetical email address is now offered to you for free! Look at the features of your mailbox below:

All FREE Mailbox comes with:

* 6.0 MB Storage Capacity (Stores 6,000 messages)
* Webmail Online Interface
* The Longest Email Address in the Whole Wide World


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... and it's so long i can't even post the full url here! :|



click here [didn't work also (:/) ]

i give up...

just copy it and get rid of the blank spaces and the breakline...


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they say that its impossible to remember ... but that's not really true now isnt it.

tip: Mnemotechnique way of remembering ... it's the alphabet ;) lol


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yeah it's kinda easy to remember (3 alphabets - first two are complete and the third one ends on letter k)

let's say (again, no spaces or breaklines) may be the hardest... but sadly they don't offer free e-mail. :(