A slightly lame thread that hopefully wont be banned.


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I just started a game and wanted to represent my country (Canada) in a long and hard fought career... AND I loaded up every single (sh*tty) CONCACAF country in the game.

Anguilla | Antigua and Barbuda | Aruba | Bahamas | Barbados | Belize | Bermuda | British Virgin Islands | Canada | Cayman Islands | Costa Rica | Cuba | Dominica | Dominican Republic | El Salvador | French Guiana | Grenada | Guadeloupe | Guatemala | Guyana | Haiti | Honduras | Jamaica | Martinique | Mexico | Montserrat | Netherlands Antilles | Nicaragua | Panama | Puerto Rico | Saint Kitts and Nevis | Saint Lucia | Saint-Martin | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines | Sint Maarten | Suriname | Trinidad and Tobago | Turks and Caicos Islands | U.S. Virgin Islands | U.S.A.


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rony31;844214 said:
you can call me The Super Fantastic Iraqi Superstar Striker In PaPaGeorGeo's CM4 SG United Game Who Took Iraq To The World Cup (H)

or just Rony ;)

OMG :D i made that USERBAR :P 1st time i seen it though


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This looks like the place to post this :P I wanted to start a new thread, but i think it will be taken more as spam, so Ill just post in the official FM spam thread....

Anyway, as of late I feel overwhelmed by this... unreasonable (??) urge to play FM after a loooong long time. I'm reading all the posts in this forum and it just makes it worse...
So whats stopping me? some might ask.
Well I just can't go though the same painful, after having done that for a hundred times before ,process of finding young and promising players and building my tactics from scratch...
Dunno why, but I just wanted to share that... Guessing/Hoping some other old CMrs around here feel the same way/been though this "phase" before?
I'm not talking about the 2 problems that keep me away from FM atm, but about this... "urge"... Anyone? :$ :(


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Yeah been there, when you know it'll draw you in for ages, only to ultimatly - be worth nothing lol.

Still, get CM0102 on and get going man.
That's part of the reason why I decided to do the whole Belarusian team thing. Felt like FMing, couldn't be bothered with the whole starting up of a new game.

It's inevitable that after years of playing, essentially, the same game you go through phases when you're sick of it. I often feel like I've done everything there is to do, and starting up another 'challenge' doesn't interest me. Usually I find that one of three things ignites my CM/FM love:
- a new version, obviously, and testing out the new features
- being bored enough to load up an old savegame I was sick of, getting a few good results and being hooked again
- something inspiring me to start playing in a particular team/league


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I think almost everyone is suffering from the same thing. The forum has gone quiet eversince FM 2007 was released. Shame...


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adialex;2317314 said:
the game needs a 3d graphic engine

Prepare to be flamed. :mad: (6)

Have just gotten back into playing FM. After trying a couple of LLM thingies in Sweden and France, I fell back on the first kind of game I played: Play my favourite team (Vitesse), but with many options to move to one of the highly rated leagues.

Used to have every other league selected as well, and now it's just England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, but it has started to feel very similar to the old experience. Except that I no longer am able to dominate the league with Vitesse from the start.

I'm having fun playing it once in a while.


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Yeah, Im enjoying my PSV game again, after trying basically every obscure league...

It's even difficult, in the 08/09 season Ajax even beat me to the title (N)


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adialex;2317314 said:
the game needs a 3d graphic engine

Nob. I agree with Parra though, tends to be a new league/occasion that reignites my interest. Like the start of a new season, or trying to manage a club on FM that's struggling in real life.