A problem creating a player with the ingame editor


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Hello, I really need your help.

I've created 6 players using the "Create Player" option in FIFA 07. But when I make the 7th one with the facial and other features that I want and save it, the new player is always a black guy with all the values set to zero. I've tried several times, but I still get the same result. This is how my new player always looks like:


How can I fix this problem? Perhaps the only solution would be to edit the "D. My Squads" file with a hex editor, but when I open it with one, I have no idea what each value is about. I also have a copy of my save file with 5 new players created. I can create the 6th one, save it, but after that, when I begin creating the 7th, I get this bug plus I can't change and save anything on my existing created players. That means that for some unknown reason after the 5th player I can only save once before creating new players becomes impossible. Maybe this could be fixed if I somehow manage to copy part of the values from the "D.My Squads" file with the 5 new players to the save with 6 new players - that would mean that I'll be able to create at least one more new player. But how can I achieve this? I compared the two files, but they have a lot of differences and I can't say which part of the file is for the players' appearance. Even if I change a minor feature like the position of the eyes, the two files already have a lot of values inserted or deleted. Maybe someone who is more experienced in hex editing could help me? I have many new players created with Creation Master 07, but I also want to make some players with the ingame editor because it gives you more options to customize the facial features compared to using the generic EA faces. Thank you for your time reading my post. I would greatly appreciate your help.