A few Qusestions for the PC version of PES 2008!!!


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Hi guys these are my questions.Plz clarify them for me.

1.Is there any way to save more than 20 replays?Cause for me 20 replays is too less.

2.If a player is put in a position in which he is not familiar,Will it effect his play?If yes in what way?

3.Sometimes when in-game when i pause and return,The sound gets all messed up.Why is this happening and anyway to solve this problem?

4.I won the International Cup and it said that i could now use classic players.So from where do i select the classic players?

Plz reply ASAP :Carlos*o:

Thanx in advance!!!


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Oh and one more things..Any tips on how to get the face taken from a photo to match with the skin colour cause no matter what i tried,It does not look natural and there is some difference between the 2.