a few bugs in team management


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There are a few things that annoy me in the way the teams are managed.

1- When a CPU player is injured, you receive a message informing that he has to be substituted ,when the injury is severe.
But the computer does not make the change !
So you have to pause the game,change side to control the CPU team, and make the substitution yourself and finally change side to your team again ! A heavy manipulation

2- When a player is substituted by the computer ( for tactical change ) , he takes the same position on the field as the one he replaces, not taking in account his REAL position
So it happens that a striker will play as a defender or vice versa !
It was already the case last year and nothing has been done.
It also happening in career mode. Just look at your opponent rosters as the season goes along and you will see funny things

3- Being a roster updater, I have remarked that there are many BIG mistakes in the teams and players position.
I totally understand that it is fairly impossible to have everything OK with such a huge database.
But big mistakes should have been avoided
For ex. Tavarelli the goal keeper from Paraguay is an attacker !!!
I mean Paraguay was in the World Cup, you can find the real rosters at FIFA website, dont you ??
Why EA is not working with journalists from different countries to have that right ?
Some " little " leagues are totally unfinished
Look at the Norwegian league for ex. A lot of teams have just 16 players so you hardly cannot manage your team if you have injured guys.

Well... I guess things will never change


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I've never seen the computer ever make a substitute during the game. Consider yourself lucky for having witnessed that.


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I play with Mex Veteran gameplay or Luis Miguel one.
If you play the original gameplay the option " substitution by the CPU " is NOT activated. Check your ini.big


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hmmm havent experienced the substitution one yet, but the line up before the game is ALWAYS wrong for any team I play...For example...I played Arsenal this one time, Kanu RCB, Pires LB and Bergkamp LCM (which isnt to bad). Hmmm it annoys me.