A chat with reefur


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I have been quietly working on an MLS patch that I may (or at this point may not) release. I'm new to this site (I just signed up for the PES4 PC league) and decided i would search to see if anyone else was working on a MLS patch. well i find one guy named reefur that I have never heard of, and he says to contact him on MSN if anyone can help him. So what do I do? I contact him on MSN to see if we can work together to make a good MLS patch.

I'll include the entire chat log for you to read here but i'll also explain the gist of it because it's pretty long. He gives me attitude the whole time, first about my choice in games (i play pes4 pc because i have a pc not a ps2), i show him all my work and he says he's willing to share his, but then gets a "look how good my **** is" attitude by pointing me in the direction of a La Liga into video he made. whooptie friggin doo, you're good. so what?

so then he comes in with a "do you know who i am" attitude? I resist the urge to say "why should i care?" and just bite my lip. so then he says "maybe you should research people a bit before you contact them asking for stuff".

Fisrt of all i didn;t ask him for anything except to collaborate on his and possibly my patch. i didn;t demand anything, and i was nice the whole time.

Well I don;t expect to sway anyone else's opinion, but i know that I will never download a patch that contains anything by reefur again because of his lame-ass, holier than thou attitude.

(10:55:51 AM) Jason: hey
(10:56:07 AM) Jason: i wish i had known you were making an MLS mod for we8jl
(10:56:13 AM) Jason: i just finished mine for pes4
(10:56:23 AM) reefur: i see....
(10:56:26 AM) reefur: well its a different game
(10:56:30 AM) reefur: so doesnt matter
(10:56:31 AM) Jason: all 12 teams replacing some pes4 teams that weren't in a different league
(10:56:39 AM) Jason: well yeah we could have worked together though, that's all
(10:56:48 AM) reefur: yah i made all kits...even call names
(10:57:03 AM) reefur: but i actually will rls it later on...
(10:57:06 AM) Jason: i made all the kits but i dunno how they look compared to yours.
(10:57:09 AM) reefur: as a mod for my existing patch
(10:57:19 AM) reefur:
(10:57:32 AM) reefur: well regardless im sure many will appreciate your work for pes4...
(10:57:34 AM) Jason: would you maybe set something up so we can both use the best of each other's work?
(10:57:48 AM) reefur: i even made a video intro for MLS...
(10:57:50 AM) reefur:
(10:57:57 AM) Jason: i made 2duniforms 9for edit screen or "play with different teams"
(10:58:03 AM) reefur: wel i asked many people for help on forums
(10:58:06 AM) reefur: but nobody replied
(10:58:18 AM) Jason: i just saw the thread. i'm new to evo-web. i usually hang out on pesinsight
(10:58:24 AM) reefur: i see...
(10:58:28 AM) Jason: you got photoshop right?
(10:58:33 AM) reefur: yah i stopped work onit cause of no suport
(10:58:38 AM) reefur: so ill just do it later wheni have time
(10:58:46 AM) Jason: damn. is there any way i can see the kits you have completed?
(10:58:48 AM) reefur: of course i have photoshop
(10:58:52 AM) Jason: i can also send you my kits.psd
(10:59:09 AM) Jason: and i'd love to see your intro video
(10:59:33 AM) reefur: hehe...yah when im at home ill give u a sample...
(10:59:40 AM) reefur: im at work right now...
(10:59:42 AM) reefur:
(10:59:43 AM) Jason: ah
(10:59:45 AM) reefur: where ya from?
(10:59:48 AM) Jason: Denver
(10:59:50 AM) Jason: you?
(10:59:51 AM) reefur: oh kewl
(10:59:54 AM) reefur: im in california
(11:00:03 AM) Jason: soouthern or northern?
(11:00:06 AM) reefur: north....
(11:00:08 AM) Jason: i used to live in LA and OC
(11:00:11 AM) reefur: oh i see
(11:00:12 AM) Jason: so you a quakes fan?
(11:00:15 AM) reefur: yah i go south alot
(11:00:18 AM) reefur: but im from north
(11:00:26 AM) reefur: nah i like galaxy more....
(11:00:31 AM) reefur: i hate san jose
(11:00:34 AM) reefur: the entire city
(11:00:37 AM) reefur: not just the team
(11:00:43 AM) reefur: most people from north bay hate south bay
(11:00:45 AM) Jason: did you make kits for Chivas and Real?
(11:00:51 AM) reefur: of course...
(11:00:57 AM) Jason: i had to guess what chivas would look like, but real's are accurate
(11:00:58 AM) reefur: i have kel and steba as kitmakers
(11:01:01 AM) reefur: on my patch team...
(11:01:07 AM) reefur: so no problem...
(11:01:18 AM) reefur: i made a few too
(11:01:20 AM) reefur: but i suck
(11:01:21 AM) reefur:
(11:01:29 AM) Jason: did you take into account the new Adidas deal next year?
(11:01:33 AM) reefur: sad you didnt msg me earlier
(11:01:38 AM) Jason: yeah
(11:01:52 AM) Jason: i made all the existing kits look more like adidas except for galaxy, metrostars and chicago
(11:02:00 AM) reefur: cause i gave up on that like 2 weeks ago
(11:02:09 AM) reefur: and formatted computer
(11:02:14 AM) reefur: although i have it all backed up
(11:02:15 AM) Jason: i got chicago's new puma kit in there, the galaxy total 90 kit, and metrostars is still the same because i haven't seen pics of the new one
(11:02:26 AM) Jason: i guessed on what chivas and fc dallas will look like
(11:02:28 AM) reefur: yah i have all templates...all those were easy
(11:02:37 AM) reefur: but the thing was
(11:02:40 AM) reefur: lack of interest
(11:02:42 AM) reefur: and support
(11:02:45 AM) Jason: damn
(11:02:46 AM) reefur: so i said **** it
(11:02:51 AM) reefur: i had liek 1 reply
(11:02:52 AM) reefur:
(11:02:56 AM) Jason: i've been working on mine (unannounced) for about 2 weeks
(11:02:58 AM) reefur: on like 10 forums
(11:03:10 AM) Jason: i just got all the players in yesterday, the rest was all graphics and crap
(11:03:18 AM) Jason: i only have adboards and supporter flags left
(11:03:19 AM) reefur: yah so im sticking to afc champions league theme for we8JL...
(11:03:48 AM) reefur: yah MLS is easy ....
(11:03:58 AM) reefur: but no support....
(11:04:03 AM) reefur: so i didnt want to waste slots
(11:04:10 AM) reefur: most wanted more afc champions league teams
(11:04:13 AM) Jason: aha
(11:04:14 AM) reefur: and uefa champions league teams
(11:04:19 AM) reefur: so i added those instead...
(11:04:31 AM) Jason: well, if you could send me your kits and especially the kit templates i would REALLY appreciate it
(11:04:34 AM) reefur: and updated other parts of my last patch...
(11:04:44 AM) Jason: i know some of my kits could be much better
(11:04:51 AM) reefur: well when i get home ill msg ya....i got u saved on msn
(11:04:54 AM) Jason: like my galaxy kit... pretty damn ugly
(11:04:58 AM) reefur: ahhh
(11:05:00 AM) reefur: my fav team
(11:05:00 AM) reefur:
(11:05:10 AM) Jason: well my last years version looked fine
(11:05:21 AM) reefur: oh u did one last year?
(11:05:22 AM) Jason: but when i made it look like total 90 i screwed it up
(11:05:28 AM) reefur: oh i see...
(11:05:38 AM) Jason: i never released my MLS patch last year, i just played it myself
(11:05:42 AM) reefur: well good to see others are interested in MLS patches
(11:05:43 AM) reefur:
(11:05:43 AM) Jason: i'm thinking of releasing this one
(11:05:47 AM) reefur: yah
(11:05:49 AM) reefur: i always did that too
(11:05:59 AM) Jason: hold on, i'll hook you up with a pic of my galaxy kit
(11:06:22 AM) reefur: yep...
(11:06:31 AM) Jason: URL REMOVED
(11:07:03 AM) Jason: on the galaxy kit the lines are not clean
(11:07:08 AM) Jason: jaggy and dirty
(11:07:40 AM) Jason: i didn;t have any templates for total90 or adidas so i just did the best i could without the templates
(11:07:53 AM) reefur: hehe i noticed....
(11:07:59 AM) reefur: yah not bad at all..
(11:08:05 AM) reefur: i think some good templates would help you tho
(11:08:11 AM) Jason: look at chicagos
(11:08:22 AM) Jason: did you do the new chicago kit or last year's?
(11:08:54 AM) Jason: and as you can see i didn't spend a lot of time on GK kits
(11:09:14 AM) reefur: for chicago i did last year since it was done awhile ago
(11:09:20 AM) reefur: but i can get em all updated....
(11:10:01 AM) reefur: where did u import database from
(11:10:27 AM) Jason: Football Manager 2005
(11:10:36 AM) reefur: ok...
(11:10:41 AM) Jason: the new editpes4optfile has FM2005 capability
(11:10:46 AM) reefur: yep...
(11:10:54 AM) reefur: unfortunately i dont play pes4 pc
(11:10:54 AM) Jason: and most of the drafted players were also in there
(11:10:58 AM) reefur: or pes4 in general
(11:11:00 AM) reefur: **** game
(11:11:00 AM) reefur:
(11:11:06 AM) Jason: come on, it's the same game
(11:11:11 AM) reefur: goalies watching shots go by
(11:11:14 AM) reefur: same?
(11:11:16 AM) reefur:
(11:11:18 AM) Jason: with a different option file
(11:11:20 AM) reefur: fake pace same?
(11:11:25 AM) reefur: lolz
(11:11:29 AM) reefur: laggy online good?
(11:11:33 AM) Jason: play on 6* and it's the same game
(11:11:34 AM) reefur: no thanks....
(11:11:40 AM) reefur: we8LE...
(11:11:46 AM) reefur: is what illmake next patch for...
(11:11:49 AM) reefur: pes4 is a joke
(11:11:54 AM) reefur: goalies watching shots go by
(11:11:56 AM) reefur: doing nothing
(11:11:57 AM) Jason: if it was out for pc i would agree
(11:11:59 AM) reefur: u cant fix that
(11:12:15 AM) reefur: no thanks...
(11:12:15 AM) Jason: it would be my next game too, but i don;t have (or want) a ps2
(11:12:22 AM) reefur: lolz
(11:12:29 AM) reefur: good 4 you...
(11:12:33 AM) Jason: however, playing on 6* seems to solve the dumb goalie problem for me
(11:12:36 AM) reefur: i see no point hating a system
(11:12:38 AM) reefur: just a game..
(11:12:40 AM) reefur: i play em all...
(11:12:44 AM) Jason: i don't hate a ps2
(11:12:49 AM) reefur: goalie problem isnt solved with 6
(11:12:50 AM) reefur: lolz
(11:12:53 AM) Jason: i am just not going to buy one so near it's end of life
(11:12:54 AM) reefur: quit imagining it
(11:12:56 AM) reefur: its fact...
(11:13:02 AM) reefur: everybody knows it...
(11:13:14 AM) reefur: but regardless....
(11:13:15 AM) Jason: ah well, it;s still the best soccer game for PC
(11:13:22 AM) reefur: lolz
(11:13:26 AM) reefur: but not best soccer game
(11:13:29 AM) reefur: so no thanks...
(11:13:40 AM) reefur: why play a inferior version of the game...
(11:13:51 AM) reefur: lolz...
(11:13:56 AM) reefur: not liek i dont have a pc too...
(11:14:01 AM) Jason: ANYWAY, the option file editor will write option files for tons of different versions of we/pes
(11:14:11 AM) reefur: dude i know that...
(11:14:13 AM) reefur: lolz
(11:14:15 AM) reefur: thanks though
(11:14:25 AM) reefur: how ya think i imported them?
(11:14:39 AM) reefur: would be a pain without
(11:15:12 AM) Jason: yeah i did my first onee without
(11:15:19 AM) Jason: because there wasn't one for pes3 at the time
(11:15:20 AM) reefur: oh i see
(11:15:27 AM) reefur: hehe
(11:15:28 AM) Jason: so i did it all with a controller. it took weeks
(11:15:34 AM) reefur:
(11:15:35 AM) reefur: nice
(11:15:45 AM) reefur: thats dedication
(11:15:45 AM) reefur:
(11:15:47 AM) Jason: my wife thought i was crazy
(11:15:50 AM) reefur:
(11:15:52 AM) reefur: i bet
(11:15:58 AM) reefur: my gf often goes crazy...
(11:16:01 AM) Jason: this time it was much easier.
(11:16:45 AM) reefur: pes3 had a editor tho....
(11:16:49 AM) Jason: so anyway, i'm looking forward to you sending the templates so maybe i can improve my kits. my adidas ones are very plain, no trim or anything
(11:16:58 AM) reefur: hehe...
(11:17:18 AM) reefur: im guessing u never saw my last patch for we8jl
(11:17:18 AM) Jason: all i have are the 3 stripes, no mesh panels or anyhting like that. very vanilla
(11:17:23 AM) reefur: lolz...
(11:17:29 AM) Jason: nope.
(11:17:39 AM) reefur: did u see my la liga intro for pes4 pc?
(11:17:41 AM) reefur: and xbox?
(11:18:01 AM) Jason: i didn't
(11:18:13 AM) reefur: no wonder hehe....
(11:18:20 AM) Jason: (btw i am going to port this to pes4 xbox as well, and if someone has a PS2, to that too)
(11:18:23 AM) reefur: i thought u knew of me on evo
(11:18:24 AM) reefur:
(11:18:26 AM) Jason: but the balls are different
(11:18:28 AM) reefur: 1 sec
(11:18:33 AM) reefur: ill show u what i do...
(11:18:50 AM) reefur: http://files.filefront.com/3784662
(11:18:51 AM) Jason: no, i'm new on evo. i just saw your post about MLS teams so i thought i'd contact you to see if we could work together on it
(11:18:52 AM) reefur: download that
(11:18:58 AM) reefur: and put it in for pes4 pc
(11:19:00 AM) reefur: and watch it
(11:19:01 AM) reefur:
(11:19:11 AM) reefur: i dont make anything less than perfection...
(11:19:31 AM) Jason: any chance i could get ahold of your MLS video?
(11:19:32 AM) reefur: and i only work with the best in the scene..........so if u want my kits..we have to make an agreement...
(11:19:38 AM) reefur: watch the la liga
(11:19:43 AM) reefur: then tell me if u want my work
(11:19:44 AM) reefur:
(11:19:53 AM) reefur: ill gladly share it with you
(11:20:28 AM) Jason: yeah i'll give you all the credit you want if i can use your stuff in my patch.
(11:20:36 AM) reefur: sure np...
(11:20:38 AM) Jason: right now my patch is a heavily modified version of Wolf's
(11:20:44 AM) reefur: im just glad someones doing it
(11:20:46 AM) Jason: i got rid of his HORRIBLY ugly menu gfx
(11:20:48 AM) reefur: although i dont play pes4...
(11:20:58 AM) Jason: and put back the defaults
(11:21:02 AM) reefur: i just stopped due to lack of support
(11:21:07 AM) reefur: quite sad for me really
(11:21:07 AM) Jason: and the annoying U2 music is gone too
(11:21:10 AM) reefur:
(11:21:21 AM) reefur: yah well problem with alot of patchmakers...
(11:21:26 AM) reefur: they just take other peoples ****
(11:21:29 AM) reefur: and slop it together
(11:21:42 AM) reefur: if people would make their own content....
(11:21:47 AM) reefur: would be much better patches
(11:21:50 AM) reefur: liek from the big groups
(11:22:05 AM) Jason: well i make most of my own content but since lots of the kits are out there and look good, why waste the time to create new ones?
(11:22:54 AM) reefur: yep
(11:23:01 AM) reefur: but kits arent what i speak of
(11:23:06 AM) reefur: of course nobody makes all kits
(11:23:09 AM) Jason: do you happen to know the score of yesterday's sevilla / barcelona match?
(11:23:11 AM) reefur: although i have for we8jl....
(11:23:15 AM) Jason: my satellite dish went out because of weather
(11:23:18 AM) reefur: http://www.evo-web.co...?t=18849&page=1&pp=30
(11:23:26 AM) reefur: i can send u the match later if u like
(11:23:35 AM) reefur: thats link to my patch
(11:23:39 AM) reefur: old patch from last month
(11:23:42 AM) Jason: oh yeah i should just download the torrent
(11:23:42 AM) reefur: im doing 2.0 right now
(11:23:45 AM) Jason: don;t tell me the score
(11:23:52 AM) reefur: torrent
(11:23:55 AM) reefur: those are unwatchable
(11:23:56 AM) reefur:
(11:24:00 AM) reefur: low resolution garbage
(11:24:06 AM) reefur: i meant HDTV i recorded
(11:24:09 AM) reefur: but ok
(11:24:11 AM) Jason: i'm not picky
(11:24:13 AM) reefur: that will be faster
(11:24:15 AM) reefur: smaller file...
(11:24:26 AM) reefur: i guess u have good vision
(11:24:27 AM) reefur: haha
(11:24:28 AM) Jason: and i don;t want to spend the time to download a 5GB file that i am going to watch for 90 minutes and delete
(11:24:36 AM) reefur: more like 1.2gig
(11:24:38 AM) reefur: but ok
(11:24:39 AM) reefur:
(11:25:22 AM) reefur: oh boy..i think you should research a person a bit more before u msg them for content next time...
(11:25:30 AM) reefur: i think u truly have no clue as to who i am
(11:25:32 AM) reefur: or what i do...
(11:25:37 AM) reefur: so um...
(11:25:44 AM) reefur: do that before ya ask me for stuff next time


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are we supposed to care that reefur doesn't like you or want to help? It's up to him, there is no law saying he has to help!


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no. i'm not saying he has to help me. it's not the fact that he doesn;t want to help that prompted me to post this. it's the holier than thou attitude that i had issue with and thought that some poeple would appreciate brought to their attention.


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why? Most people couldn't care less about peoples attitudeas as long as they make good stuff.
Or is that just me?

As a matter of interest what stuff have you actually made?


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i made all the kits and flags for my my patch. i used an option file editor to import all american clubs. i made supporter flags.

i made this patch for me to play and to release to others if they want it. if no one is interested then fine i'll just play it myself. I did not go to anyone begging to make me things. I said i wanted to SEE his stuff and if we could work together. I would not distribute anything without anyone's permission. my entire thing is built on top of wolf's patch so i have been planning to talk to him before i release anything.

I for one thought it was a good idea to post this simply so if anyone else wants to try to work with him they can see what kind of attitude he has towards others who offer him help. sure i did not know he was such a great modder. all i knew was that 2 weeks earlier he posted a thread trying to find help and interest in an MLS patch so i contacted him expressing that interest and letting him know i had already started one and that i thought it would be worthwilde to work together. All i received was a bad attitude and a reaction like i was not worthy of his time or attention.

when/if i release this it will contain credits for every single piece not created by me, and all of those will be by permission. i am a fair guy and i'm nice. I did nothing to deserve the kind of treatment i got from him and no one else does either.


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you made like a few **** kits and downloaded the rest..dont lie you childish loser... http://www.gutblog.com/kits/galaxyhome.bmp an example..hideous..everybody knows you were just asking for my stuff..thats why your post was locked in the other forum......and is why nobody cares...notice that yet?.....your pitiful attempt at shaming me wont work as most people here and there know what i contribute...and ive actually made a patch unlike you...while you just talk about some small lame patch you made on top of wolf's?...congratulations..,more theft of others work... and it is my choice what to give or not give..if i am so childish and stupid make all your own stuff instead of hunting me down on msn and begging..pathetic moron........you have a wife you old loser......go pay attention to her and quit insulting and hunting down college age kids.....and begging for their work...


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look above. you'll see my point exactly really.

all the modifications i did were so i had a good mls game to play. not for glory, not to release to the public, not to claim credit for other people's work. i made it so i could play as my favorite team in a good soccer game for PC. I have not even decided if i wanted to release it yet. i made the same thing for PES3 and didn;t release it, because it was just for me. even if i was asking for your kits or for a movie or ANYTHING it would be so I could play it, not so i can distribute other people's work as my own. i'm ******* happy playing the game. the only reason i would release it is if other people expressed an interest.

you get on me about building on top of wolf's patch... so did you code the game or make most the content in the game you are modding? that is what modding is!!! it's building on top of what is already there!

but look dude, you don't know **** about my or what my intentions were with contacting you. you were a prick from the start because you're one of those ****ers that think your **** don't stink.


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Why are we obliged to hear that crap?

Do i come hear talking about my conversation with my neighboor?
I don't think so! This is between The both of you, and i really don't see why you had to make this public gutbomb, if reefur doesn't want to share his things, it's his problem. It's too bad for you, but you've got to live with it, just get over it.

I hope this thread gets closed down, it's really none of our business.


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no one gets it. it's not because he didn;t give me anything. i couldn't have given 2 ****s if he had given me something. it was his attitude that was appauling.

while this may not be important to you, it is to others that may consider working with him in the future.


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perhaps his attitude might not be appaling to people he thinks can contribute, rather than those he feels want him to do all the work?
People have different attitudes with different people you know? That's life! Get a Grip and drop this stupidity, I think it's making YOU look stupid and or petty IMO.