7.0.1 released

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It's about the same for me, cant really judge though, I never use the highest match speed.

7.0.1b or 7.0.2 or whatever it's called will be out somewhere next week btw. 7.0.1 contains an annoying ''contract bug''


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double what u spend?

not sure if anyone else is havin this prob with the new patch but with every player u sign it doubles what u pay for them i paid 10mill for nani and it took 20mill off me and when u look @ the players history it says 20mill too?
for some f*ckin reason I'm coaching Portsmouth for the past 1 1/2 years now. and I had over 40 mill to spend and I only signed 3 players and (-2.3 mill) under. is that a bug? i know i didn't spend over 5 mill on each of the players....
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