4ndr3i face updates


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4ndr3i;2137596 said:
looks like Pelikan's offence started a debate around here.. I accept your apologie Pelikan, but please, next time read before u ofend any member :jambo:, because as u can see respected members as my good friend Silencer don't agree with this kind of mistakes

@iuli_henry: nice to see another romanian on this forum.. looks like Romania is very active here :)

@gerrardbest: u didn't make any mistake m8 , so don't be sorry :ewan:

@YorkyStreetWise: i don't update faces anymore.. sorry. this topic was open before i started making faces but maybe i'll consider to make a good Gudjohnsen face as soon as i get a good pic ;)

@Harmsworth1: It's realy easy to import a face.. i think there is a topic were it explains how to do it ;)

I was such a badass. Me and my good friend Silencer.