2GK Boots - Double Size Textures


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Is there any chance you could release a tutorial on increasing texture size. I mean hex editing, and thanks for the boot texture, love it.


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only today i manage to have time to try this and is beautiful the quality of it.

just need to re-work some details in my boots.

this is awesome


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The map's resolution won't change anything cos model rendering in FIFA 13 really sucks, you can‘t even see the specular effect on boots nomatter what the weather is like.


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Amazing, Ariel! As always! You should definetely do something about turfs ASAP!!!


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a L E x _ 1 O;3330969 said:
*amazing picture*

simply AMAZING!! *_*

Thanks a lot again, moddingway!! :)
Is it possible to double the resolution of pitchcommontextures to make grass look better?
While looking on that picture I realized that quality of the grass doesn't match to the rest.


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How are you guys? AWESOME work this one!!

I have a question, is it compatible with FIFA 12 using CM 12? Because when I try to import a 512x512 image (after loading the rx3 template) it doesn't save it and it changes automatically to some 256x256 random boot image