2018 FIFA World Cup Draw {P + R}


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So with all 32 finalists now known, any predictions for the GS?

Russia's in position A1 as hosts.

Defending Champions Germany, losing 2014 finalists Argentina, 2014 hosts Brazil, Euro 2016 winners Portugal, Euro 2016 losing finalists & hosts France, Belgium and Poland round out the Pot 1 seeds.

Pot 2: Switzerland, Croatia, England, Spain, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru and Mexico

Pot 3: Iran, Costa Rica, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland

Pot 4: Serbia, Panama, Australia, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Nigeria and Morocco

Max 2 UEFA teams per group and no-other confederation can have 2 teams in the same group.

Would love to see an Australia vs Iceland pairing. Croatia vs Serbia is another possibility - but only with Argentina or Brazil as Pot 1 seeds.


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Wish Japan gets group of poo. I really doubt the team advancing through the Group Stages.