2017-18 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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when you try to change the player, the game crashes ((
when you search for a player by name, the game crashes
Astori is dead
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Hi tokke!
When I create a career - the game works.
When I try to load it - the game crashes.
I try to load it again - ok (!?), but when I search for a player by name - the game crashes.


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Hey Tokke001!

I am writing this to say to you thank you. You patches are so amazing that i can't stop playing the game with your patches. Thanks a lot. My PC is not good enough to play new FIFA series, but your patches make me enjoy FIFA 11 with the latest squad. Thanks you again, and other friends who enjoy FIFA 11 with your patch appreciate your efforts. If you have time someday, will you please make new patch?
anyway, thank you very much!!!


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ADD-ON: 2016-17 Squads - patch

Relive the 2016-17 Season !
This patch will add the 2016-17 database (Squads) to the Selector,

based on 2016-17 patch for FIFA 11


- Squads SEASON 16/17 (FIFA 17)
* Stats according EA official update
* Winter transfers
* working career

- Balls
* 16/17 balls

- Intro
* FIFA 17 intro-movie added
* 2016-17 patch intro screens

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install Main patch (see notes)
* to latest version

4. install ADD-ON: 2016-17 Squads - patch

5. Apply Database
* open Selector > 'Select Database'
* choose "2016-17 Squads" > Apply database
* "Done"

- Main patch is needed : 2017-18 patch (or later) needed

http://www.mediafire.com/file/6rxptjy96bzud6n/2016-17 Squads - patch.rar (size 20.89 mb )

More ADD-ONs : http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/extra-patches-files-add-ons-tokke001.184035/
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If you make a patch for the 2018 World Cup, can you find a way to make real groups? Or should we select all teams manually?


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I finally got around to trying it.

David Silva looks great! Lots of players could've had an update (e.g. Rakitic) but the fact that he was the only one (along with Paulinho) who did, makes it that much more special for me! Thanks a lot :)

P.S. I wish it was finished back in February, as now it's all about the World Cup:blush: But I'm sure I will have lots of fun playing in the summer:andrei:


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Hi :) first thank u so much for the new version of the patch its amazing and second i want to ask a question i edited match day dates in creation master but everytime when i update fifa with the new patch version the data is lost so i have to do it again my question is where the data for the match days is saved so i can make a copy


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Hi Tokke! Everything works fine, but there is a problem with the Champions League - I win in my group, but I have lost my reputation in my career and there are no more Champions League matches in the calendar.


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@petaloso I had similar problem, just reinstall the game and a patch and don't install other patches, like World Cup which is glitchy.
Previously, this problem was in previous patches. I installed the patch according to the instructions, I did not install any additional patches, except for the patch on the keyboard. Reinstalling the game did not help, I'll try again)

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2017-18 patch (v1.0)
4. install 2017-18 patch (v1.1)
5. install 2017-18 patch (v1.2)

6. apply new Squads

* Open Selector > Select database > "1. Default squads (Updated)" > ONLINE version / OFFLINE version > Apply Database
* "Done"