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2014 FIFA World Cup conversion


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Well...I know what you gonna say.
FIFA Infinity did it back in 2014 and it's fantastic. I thought so. Until I installed it.

In my honest opinion, they unnecessarily deleted kits for teams, made Adidas all-Star team unplayable, some faces look off etc...
They had worse tools than we have almost a decade later, so I made my own version, after finishing updating EURO 2012 DLC (yes, I'm preparing one more and hopefully last update for it with all EURO 2012 kits). I did similar thing with 2010 World Cup project based on FIFA 11. Here is even easier, because I am working in 14 on a daily basis.

This is a conversion of 2014 FIFA World Cup game from PS3 and Xbox 360 and most assets come from here. However FIFA 14 probably contains the most community-made assets from all FIFA games, so it contains also some more things.
Mod includes:
- new theme (made by @Emran_Ahmed)
- new soundtrack; from the original game + 1 bonus track (La La La by Shakira)
- new intro and splash
- 2 databases
- one including all original 203 national teams, Classic XI, adidas All-Stars and adidas Young Guns team with original rosters
- one including authentic 2014 World Cup line-ups including missing players
- converted all stadiums, kit models, kits, generic and specific gamefaces and other sceneassets from original game
- hand-made crowds for generic stadiums
- new stadiums including Stade de France, Soccer City, Stadion Narodowy, NSK Olimpiyskiy, Stade de Suisse etc...
- 3rd WC kit for Belgium and Spain and new kit set for Ecuador
- new GUI fonts including scoreboards and pop-ups
- 2 scoreboards, one inspired by real 2014 WC one from 2014 WC game
- flags, banners, adboards, shoes, balls from original game
- 8 tournaments: FIFA World Cup finals, 6 full Qualifiers campaign and Confederations Cup, both with real and custom squads
- new faces from FIFA 15-22, FO3, FO4 and some custom faces (summing with 2014 WC faces, up to 1000)
- new models for minor sceneassets like photographers or ball boys
and a lot of fun

Thanks to @tokke001. As before, without his personal support and his tools, there wouldn't be this mod.
Thanks also to @Emran_Ahmed for making a brand new theme, much closer to original game than one in FIFA Infinity Team.
Second database is based on @GIGGIRIVA's Classic Patch for FIFA 14.
Thanks also to @humbertoaze for his beautiful Stade de France.
Other thanks go to FIFA Infinity that inspired this mod, as well as every facemaker or kitmaker which job is a part of this project.

Link to download: https://mega.nz/file/d8B2iYJA#5kN-QxBH7l8zSeMUC8X2xqZqaghlPE8lKJ_XvGhoac0
Hotfix 1.01: https://mega.nz/file/EsRjGRYB#DIsJy97mVR_qt7vDX1yBBNdjaP8zDQkI859nQsIa6zw

Conversion supports English and Polish
Install is easy. Unpack to FIFA 14 main directory and regenerate it all. In contrast to FIFA 11, it shouldn't be big problem with it.
There are 3 packed dlc folders, first is with real, authentic groups for all tournaments, second is with random drawn groups for every tournaments, and the last is the same as the first one, to be used to edit things in Creation Master. For use in game, they are hot swappable, just unpack needed dlc and done.
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Because FIFA 14 has 42 players per team limit, these players were removed from the national teams:


  • excluded.txt
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Anyone knows what can cause this? It appears only for pre-match skill games.

Skill games from menu and training arena works as intended


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It seems that I will have some fun with tournament.
Their dlc file won't load. Someone knows why?


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Does anyone know why removing training kit from a team crashes the game on splash?
Something in Revolution Mod, but I don't know what.
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