2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread


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I certainly wasn't expecting this. I do feel some satisfaction in how, as I predicted, Pep's Bayern, dezpute an improved squad, have done worse than Heynckes'.

Now, get some Madrid pkayers sent off guys.

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ShiftyPowers;3664085 said:
Bale is so good. He's better than Ronaldo IMO. Less selfish, just as athletically capable.

I originally read that as aesthetically.

Bale needs to stay injury free.

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I feel sorry for Schweinsteiger. Pep has this Bayern team behaving like a bunch of spoilt brats. They are unrecognisable from last year.

Bayern will be lucky to finish with 8 players by the end. That's on Pep.


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This is just football, oh well. You lose on 2 set pieces and then get decimated by Madrid's counter attack with the 2 best athletes in world football when you press for goals. That's why it's so hard to win twice in a row, because every title has a lot of luck involved. I would certainly not say that this is a team good enough to win 2 in a row based on what I've seen the last month and what that says about how the team is run. I think fitness is an issue maybe even more than anything else. Pep only practices with the ball I think? Don't care for that.

Not sure about the direction of the club right now either. Hoping it doesn't go the way of van Gaal, but it definitely can. The club was the least motivated I've ever seen since securing the Bundesliga Title and I don't believe that possession beyond a certain point is beneficial.



I've always liked him but this season he's earning a place in my fetish midfield alongside De Rossi and Pogba.


Mourinho's already started winning the final man, Alonso is out. If Ramos gets a yellow card he's out too, might as well play Demba Ba in the final.