2013-14 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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Leagues & World Cup patch

got it finished,
i m gonna upload it in coming hours

i cant get on multiupload.com site where i usually upload

anyone else can get on that site or is it just down?


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tokke001;3689236 said:
got it finished,
i m gonna upload it in coming hours

i cant get on multiupload.com site where i usually upload

anyone else can get on that site or is it just down?

Site has a limit Can't open

Use the The United States node speed can open


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Leagues & World Cup patch

the patch is like 1 big patch, splitted in 2 parts:
* New leagues -patch
* world cup -patch

u can change between these 2 with the selector program,
as each contain different squads, tournements & graphics

- selector:
* switch between the 2 patches
* arena - stadiums: new world cup stadiums added
* arena - balls: adidas brazuca (WC ball) added

- 58 New/updated faces
Jagielka Phil (everton)
Guzan Brad (aston villa)
Johnson Fabian (hoffenheim)
Palacio Rodrigo (inter)
Luiz Gustavo (wolfsburg)
Paulinho (tottenham)
Cleverley Tom (man united)
Jones Phil (man united)
Bedoya Alejandro (fc nantes)
Parkhurst Michael (columbus crew)
Gonzalez Omar (LA galaxy)
Beckerman Kyle (real salt lake)
Johnson Eddie (washington dc united)
Zusi Graham (usa)
Besler Matt (usa)
Goodson Clarence (usa)
Jones Jermaine (usa)
Du Wei (china)
Li Weifeng (china)
Zheng Zhi (china)
Sun Xiang (china)
Gao Lin (china)
Huang Bowen (china)
Zeng Cheng (china)
Hao Junmin (china)
Wu Lei (china)
Yu Dabao (china)
Feng Xiaoting (china)
Zhang Linpeng (china)
Yu Hai (china)
Kim Nam Il (s korea)
Lee Chun Soo (s korea)
Hyun Young Min (s korea)
Choi Tae Uk (s korea)
Kim Jung Woo (s korea)
Choi Eun Sung (s korea)
Ha Dae Sung (s korea)
Lee Keun Ho (s korea)
Park Joo Ho (s korea)
Kim Seung Gyu (s korea)
Kim Shin Wook (s korea)
Nam Tae Hee (s korea)
Hong Jeong Ho (s korea)
Kim Young Kwon (s korea)
Kim Byung Ji (s korea)
Choi Eun Sung (s korea)
(+ 11 unknown)

- gameplay
* update cutscenes: camera angles at start match, ...

- fix: wrong sponsor names at career

[New Leagues & Teams]

- new leagues & teams (summer 2013):
* Czech Gambrinus Liga
* Greek Superleague Ellada
* Japan J-League 1
* Turkish Super Lig
* Ukrainian Premier League
* rest of world: BATE Borisov, Steaua Bucuresti, Pandurii Targu Jiu, GKS Katowice

- new career cups:
* Turkey: Spor Toto Süper Lig, Ziraat Türkiye Kupasi, TFF Süper Kupa
* Czech: Gambrinus Liga, Ceská Pošta Cup, Ceský Superpohár
* ukrain: Premier League, Kubok Ukrainy, Inter Super Cup of Ukraine
* Greece: Superleague, Kypello Elladas
* Japan: J-League 1, J. League Cup, Fuji Xerox Super Cup
* Champions & europe leagues: reviewed & extended to all avaible cups & leagues (based on real-life format)

- adboards: league adboards

- balls: japan, Turkish, greek league balls

- minifaces: for 200 new players added

[2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil]
(based on EA's WC game)

only 2 main leagues:
- national (FIFA)
* 203 teams national teams
* splitted in 6 smaller leagues: UEFA, CAF, CONMEBOL, AFC, OFC, CONCACAF
- rest of world
* calssic XI, world XI, adidas XI

- added tournements (no career...):
* FIFA World Cup
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (UEFA)
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (CAF)
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (CONMEBOL)
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (AFC)
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (OFC)
* FIFA World Cup Qualification (CONCACAF)
* FIFA Confederations Cup
* AFC Asian Cup
* Africa Cup of Nations
* Copa América
(some may be different format then Original, because of game limits)

- world cup-theme
* startup game
* 2 new intros added
* menu colors & pictures

- stadiums: all 12 World cup stadiums
* Arena Amazonia
* Arena da Baixada
* Arena de Sao Paulo
* Arena Fonte Nova
* Arena Pantanal
* Arena Pernambuco
* Estadio Beira-Rio
* Estadio Castelao
* Estadio das Dunas
* Estadio do Maracana
* Estadio Mineirao
* Estádio Nacional

- adboards: World cup adboards

- balls: adidas brazuca (WC ball)

- kits
* 2014 kits + numbers (for bigger teams)
* World cup referee kits

Supported languages english, Czech, dutch, french, german, italian, spanish (2X), portuguese, polish, Russian

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)
3. install 2013-14 patch (v1.2.5 or later) --> http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=188136

4. install Leagues & World Cup patch

5. open Selector > 'Select Database' :
* choose "2. New Leagues & Teams" or "3. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil"
* Apply database

- the original 2013-14 patch v1.2.5 NEEDED
- after install: use the selector to apply the patch (WC / new leagues) u want

known problems:
- lightning problems for new stadiums
- crash (World cup): when enter career (no career added)
- crash (world cup): when go to settings > transfers > national selections

thanks too: liv_tyler, sumanrbr, matic7, manu74, obama, tennyutza, The Wizard, Axej, IRPT, Erevos, dissectionalone, support from the forum, ...
also thx too: FIFA Infinity, who gave permission to use parts of their FIFA Infinity Patch '14 : http://www.fifa-infinity.com/fifa-14-2/fifa-infinity-patch-14/ & the persons who helped making that patch



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tokke001;3689441 said:
multiupload.com work at you?
or u mean it s blocked at me or something...

Download and install patch

The problem is entered the training ground Ronaldo showed abnormal Then close the game

I choose the


To build the archive Settings file Do not use the


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China Gao Lin, a small photo error Yu Dabao no photos

Should have Yu in OL3 tokke001 Dabao small pictures

I hope you have time in the repair in the future


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you got to make a new settings file indeed,
best to make 1 for the World cup & 1 for the xtra leagues

if u got crashes,
let me know when & where...


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Can't select players

It doesn't matter Believe that will be restored

I will continue to test if there is any unknown problem

Everybody together diligently the patch try to do perfectly


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Maybe a great help if in Fifa World Cup, the qualifiers are the real qualifiers, because in the fifa world cup in tournament mode, the qualifiers are selected randomly.

but a great patch sir.


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Sadly night games are bug for all new added stadiums eg. Etihad and WC ones.
I only miss some alternative kits and Croatia Home kit dont have front number on the shirt.
Other than that everything is fine.


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WC patch doesn't work with "old" profile. WC tournament doesn't work. Selects teams which didn't make it.
Leagues patch also doesn't work with "old" profile, except virtual pro.

Adding Honduras to the 2012-13 patch which I suggested earlier, would've been the better idea, also updating the players with latest knowledge every season & world cup.
Plus updating some scenery. E.g. having after final victory a cup in front of the players.

Basically your OLD patch is working better and contains better content and even takes the kit of the other patches after "patching" back.

tokke001, please redo the old patch and improve it with latest squads and missing teams(like Honduras).