2012-13 patch for FIFA 11 & monthly squad-update [tokke001]

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Guys can you please tell me how to import many files to the game? i use CM 11 but after importing 500-600 files it gives error and game doesn't run anymore:facepalm:


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tokke, how can you promote teams in CM11 ? and also relegate ? i would like to do that.

also, new transfers & line ups update: https://copy.com/VD3cwUb8PNty

Derk Boerrigter
Ji-Sung Park
Alfred N'Diaye
Rodney Strasser
Franck Tabanou
Ibrahim Sissoko
Sinan Bolat
Adrian Cristea
Yohann Thuram
Marcelo Larrondo
Gordon Schildenfeld
Roberto Soldado
Andrew Surman
Gary Hooper
Lee Camp
Alan Tate
Kemy Agustien
Itay Shechter
Gianni Munari
Steven Caulker
Slawomir Peszko
Atiba Hutchinson
Emre Can
Leon Barnett
Nicolas Viola
Matías Silvestre
Francesco Bolzoni


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hey tokke all your fifa 11 patches are really great and would you make more patches of new season ?
p/s: sorry for my english


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a few more transfers: https://copy.com/0TPEZz9tGYeh

Stéphane Dumont
Edgar Salli
Emir Bajrami
Sebastián Ribas
Anthony Martial
Nicolas Isimat-Mirin
Ampuero Alvaro
Antonis, Terry
Coda Andrea
Raman Chibsah
McDonald Mariga

also i made promotions and relegations in Italy, England, France

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Hey guys, I updated the latest DB from tennyutza who did a great job. This time I edit the German Bundesliga. Next project will be the German 2. Bundesliga.

What's done in the German Bundesliga?

- changed promoted and relegated teams
- latest transfers (source transfermarkt.co.uk 06.08.2013)
- correct shirt numbers


Hope you enjoy my work!

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tennyutza;3534134 said:
nice job !
i will make some transfers today and some lineups
and then maybe you make the German 2. Bundesliga.

Thanks. I finished the 2. Bundesliga. If you want I upload it and then you can make transfers and other things. ;)

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Like promised I edit now the 2. Bundesliga. Now I will make a break and tennyutza could make some transfers and lineups. After this I will think about some other leagues. Together we could create a nice file. :)

What's done in the 2. Bundesliga?

- latest transfers (source transfermarkt.co.uk 07.08.2013)
- correct shirt numbers


Hope you enjoy my work!


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i made just a few more transfers: https://copy.com/71OkcbtxZOUC

Miroslav Stoch
Granddi N'Goyi
Benoît Pedretti
Loïc Rémy
Cristian Ansaldi
Saber Khlifa
Modou Sougou

also some lineups updates:
-Olympique de Marseille
-Zenit St. Petersburg
-Newcastle United


also, The Wizard nice work !
if you can, some lineups updates in the Bundesliga would be nice

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Nice work again. Maybe I will have the time to make some formations and the squads of EPL teams but at the moment I don't have many time to edit. But I try my best.


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tokke001;3528720 said:
Preview (beta) version - New leagues

New leagues/teams:
- South American league-patch (21 leagues): http://www.fifa-argentina.net/t3001-asp
- Moddingway Addon V 0.1: http://www.moddingway.com/forums/thread-21256.html
- Ukrainian league (part of it)
- Romanian league (1 & 2 devision): http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/s...d.php?t=186896 (not included yet)
New tournament:
- WC & WC qualifiers (at "rest of world")

download: https://hotfile.com/dl/236323647/a38380d/New_leagues_preview.rar.html

these are just the squads (with still some errors)

i put it online for people who wants to help with the patch,
as there are a lot of kits to add...
i be 2 weeks off, and finish the patch after
but all help is welcome

kits from fifa 13: http://www.multiupload.com/YPPAI907L4
--> Edit: kits can also be found at original (fifa 13) site (see above)

to add kits in fifa 11:
- copy files from fifa 13: in fifa 13-folder
(- regenerate)
- open CM13 --> you see the new kits now
- open CM11--> to add
- save CM11
Please reupload kits from FIFA 13 :bow:


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more transfers:

Cassani Mattia
Miguel Torres
Cristian Pasquato
Lisandro López
James McClean
Damiano Ferronetti
Hélder Postiga
Xavi Torres
Emmanuel Emenike
Artem Dzyuba
Jano Ananidze
Aras Özbiliz
Vágner Love
Pavel Mamaev
Tomas Necid
Igor Lolo
Marcos Pinheiro Pizzelli
Vladislav Kulik
Daniel Niculae

and some lineups updates mostly in russia premier league

download: https://copy.com/3rv9UTCqjyYt


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I got small patch ready to release, wich add new features to the tool "fifa 11 selector":

* when selecting OFFLINE version: 291 missing kits & numbers will be enabled automatically (from my add-on: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3419354&postcount=414)
--> like missing Chelsea away kits, ....
* switchable intro-movie
* enable/disable new (ingame) cutscenes / celebrations (from fifa online 3)

I m also working on the kits of the new leagues, I ll release the patch with the new leagues after
if there are still people who wants to help with it, send me pm or post here