..:: 2010 FIFA World Cup Game - Adding Mod Thread ::..


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i love to watch fifa world cup!!

i give a lot to this forum, & i have made maybe 3 requests this year & have only gotten 1.
btw, thanks maradonalopez, i appreciate you honoring my request w/ that lennon face.


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good larka;2926260 said:
When I Play This Game,I've Got This Error..

WCSA10.exe has Stopped Working.

Windows Can Check Online For A Solution To the Problem.

--> Check Online for A Solution And Close The Program
--> Close The Program

same here....
can u reupload the db


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URL Deleted

Thank you
But section 17 of the game minus the 2010 World Cup I wish you could fairly answer him, please Leih


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Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup Game

In the final, Spain, the European champions, defeated third-time finalists the Netherlands 1–0 after extra time, with Andrés Iniesta's goal in the 116th minute giving Spain their first world title, the first time that a European nation has won the tournament outside its home continent. Host nation South Africa, 2006 world champions Italy and 2006 runners-up France were eliminated in the first round of the tournament. It was the first time that the hosts were eliminated in the first round.


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rcjperu;2837794 said:
De nada. Estoy trabajando en el parche del torneo peruano. Un amigo y yo hicimos como 80 caras. Mandame tu correo si deseas colaborar con algo para terminarlo mas rapido.
Dios te bendiga.

royer, estas disponible para editar fifa12, porque en el 11 no e sabido nada de ti.


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i give up,no matter what i do i cant get this thing to work as is should
i remember on my previous machine (dual core,vista) i was able to play 1 game but only at the very low grafic quality that it was not very pretty,but it worked
this mod wont work:blush::clapwap:


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a problem

thank god i finally found someone who made ths game available on pc
thnx guys
but i hav a problem i hav windows 7 and i hav fifa 10 installed cracked by razor and i recently installed this game too and did as it was written but when i open the game all runs perfectly but when i start a match and advance to play the game loads and nthng happend the game actually dsnt let me play the music keeps on coming and aftr atleast 5 minutes the game closes can any one help me

My system specifications:
Core 2 duo 3 ghz E7900
2 gb ram
Nvidia Card 210 GS (1 gb)

burc ugur

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please remake Fifa 11 World Cup Patch remake..Your crew very good make.

Fifa 11 world cup made by Uzair patch very bad :( don't realistic....


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@ admin...hello I just joined ur forum..and I wanna say thanks for the game...and my friend might have a solution to problem no 1 in 'known issues'...How shall I provide u with solution if I found it?
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