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retro patch

  1. JotaHN

    [MOD] Costa Rica Classic Patch

    So, I'm creating a mod that includes a lot of seasons from Costa Rica's first division, I'm very excited to start with this, so I want to share my progress with everyone here. For now, I only have a few logos and teams because it's really hard to find the players for some of the old teams...
  2. A

    RETRO Mode Romania for fifa 14

    Hello everyone. I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything, but a new version of Retro patch has just been released. The patch is still in beta. But a lot of the problems in the old version have been solved. Retro Version 0.8.2 BETA: -All crashes caused by certain teams have been...
  3. F

    FC Barcelona retro 14-15

    I wanted to replay with the Barcelona that won the "Triplete", so that's why I recreated it with their three kits, the squads from that moment, including players like xavi or alves that aren't actually in the game, and also including minifaces from fifa 15 to make it more nostalgic. I also...
  4. J

    Season 04-05 patch by Josepa94

    Hi everyone! When I was a child I used to play a lot of hours to FIFA 2005 so I want to make a patch to make FIFA 2005 in FIFA 18 Style. By now I just make some kits and only edit collar, maybe next I will add classic players, but now it's just kits. The patch it's just in alpha version, when I...