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retro kits

  1. Rolls1


    Barcelona Home 1999-2000 #FC24
  2. Rolls1

    All In One - FC Barcelona Kits & Faces [FIFA 22]

    All In One - FC Barcelona Kits & Faces [FIFA 22] Changelog : https://textup.fr/487925fU DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.mediafire.com/file/7oo8hmcww8bzj3v/BARCELONA+-+ALL+IN+ONE+[FIFA+22].rar/file Get the .RAR password by filling the form here ...
  3. M

    Man City 11/12 Season Kits | Fifa 22

    Hello guys this is my Fifa 22 Man City 11/12 Season Kits. If you want to suggest more retro kits i should do please either tweet at me, join my discord server or just post on this threat. If you need any help downloading and using this mod i have mod a youtube toturial that you can try and use...
  4. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: Same as last year, I'll be posting FIFA kits that are completly free to use, but this time I WON'T BE TAKING ANY REQUESTS! Reason for that is that I'm working again and don't have as much free time as I did last year. I'll be making kits that I want and doing it at my own pace...
  5. Wswzzbd

    Nico retro kits

  6. Rolls1

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    You will need FIFA Mod Manager to use these kits. You can download it here https://www.fifaeditortool.com/download (I don't share PNG files) Kits list: Barcelona Kits from 1999 to 2021 (ALL IN ONE - Barcelona Kits & Faces) Real Madrid Home 2004-2005...
  7. F

    FC Barcelona retro 14-15

    I wanted to replay with the Barcelona that won the "Triplete", so that's why I recreated it with their three kits, the squads from that moment, including players like xavi or alves that aren't actually in the game, and also including minifaces from fifa 15 to make it more nostalgic. I also...
  8. Rolls1

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    Hi, I redid absolutely all my Barça kits for all FIFA (17/18/19/20) So if you have already downloaded my barça kits in the past, you should download the latest version, all kits have been improved a lot. Barça Mods version: FIFA 17 : 4.0 FIFA 18 : 4.0 FIFA 19 : 4.0 FIFA 20 : 2.0 Also, I...

    Classic Kits by ACICOG

    INDEX EURO 2004 KITPACK INTERNATIONAL: El Salvador 2009 (H/A) England 2008 Italy 1978 | 2003-04 Russia 2009 ( H ) Serbia 2009 Ukraine 2009 CLUB: Arsenal 2001-02 (A) AZ Alkmaar 2009-10 Brescia 1988-89 Cesena 1990-91 Crvena Zvezda 1990-91 | 1991-92 Dynamo Dresden 1990-91 Empoli 1987-88 FC Porto...