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  1. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: Same as last year I'll be posting FIFA kits that are completly free, but this time I WON'T BE TAKING ANY REQUESTS! I'll be making kits that I want and doing it at my own pace. I still play FIFA 20, so I'll be making kits for both that game and for FIFA 21. This time I'll be only...
  2. Wswzzbd

    Nico retro kits

  3. Rolls1

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    You will need FIFA Mod Manager to use these kits. You can download it here (I don't share PNG files) ********************************************************* Barcelona Home 1999-2000 [FIFA 21] *SCREENS FROM FIFA 21* DOWNLOAD LINK ...
  4. F

    FC Barcelona retro 14-15

    I wanted to replay with the Barcelona that won the "Triplete", so that's why I recreated it with their three kits, the squads from that moment, including players like xavi or alves that aren't actually in the game, and also including minifaces from fifa 15 to make it more nostalgic. I also...
  5. Rolls1

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    Hi, I redid absolutely all my Barça kits for all FIFA (17/18/19/20) So if you have already downloaded my barça kits in the past, you should download the latest version, all kits have been improved a lot. Barça Mods version: FIFA 17 : 4.0 FIFA 18 : 4.0 FIFA 19 : 4.0 FIFA 20 : 2.0 Also, I...

    Retro Kits by acicog

    INDEX: INTERNATIONAL El Salvador 2009 (H/A) England 2008 Italy 1978 Serbia 2009 Ukraine 2009 ENGLAND Arsenal 2001-02 (A) Chelsea 1997-98 (GK) FRANCE Montpellier PSC 1988-89 ITALY Brescia 1988-89 Empoli 1987-88 Lazio 1988-89 Roma 1998-99 Torino 1988-89 ROMANIA Steaua Bucuresti...