1. G

    Argentinian TV logos

    Here I am going to leave through a mediafire link the mods of the tv logos of Argentine television. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/rkenprfre9bsoy1,niq5q400ex6k9jg,fma8sle9ia59zhs,bql21qshpxurlej,2qk0re2efgreat9,94dm41j29kwem6v,f9du31h868wvd5s,8j32u111iwrehav,l3lrqnxs5jxshfa,9tkrhykpheq68wp/shared
  2. Younoit1

    Archway and plinth editing

    Hello all. I'm currently creating a mod that updates Ligue 1 to the new logo along with the new kits for all teams. I was able to revise a most things, however the 2 things that have been a pain in the butt are the entry archway when the team enters the field and the plinth logo that the ball...
  3. S

    FIFA 20 Tunisian League Mod (replace Saudi Arabian League)

    Hello everybody. On old games like PES 6 or FIFA 10, some Tunisian modders have patched the game to have the Tunisian league, and the fourteen / sixteen teams of the championship. I have recreated this mod for FIFA 20, however it only works in French language and is not complete. All jerseys...
  4. Andrei0401

    Transition Logo Of Replays

    Hello!How to change transition logo of replays?I want to change the transition logo on Denmark League!Please help me!
  5. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro: Kits, Adboards, Boots, Fonts, Logos, Tools and more...

  6. B

    ballinham's TV Logos

    Hi guys! Besides tattoos, there is something I feel that I'm pretty good at, which is making TV logos. I already have a pack of logos ready for you guys, tell me what do you think! :D TV Logo Pack n°1 by ballinham.zip -ARD Das Erste HD (Germany) -ČT Sport HD Živě (Czech Republic) -ÖRF Eins...