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    Leagues in cmp

    Hi, So ... I was wondering if there are links to leagues on the cmp ... I know there is the MarianTim patch, but I miss leagues from North America, Africa and part of Asia ... so, there are leagues in cmp with active links?
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    New leagues for FIFA 10 in .cmp

    New leagues for FIFA 10 in .cmp
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    FULL LEAGUES 2018/19

    Liga MX 2018/19 -Ball -Adboards-- -Some Faces- -Full Roster Kits 2018/19 Link: https://newfaces07and082019.blogspot.com/2018/12/patch-liga-mx-201819.html?fbclid=IwAR07qTC3RPyZ7oyN6Y_ksRCrjfk8PzezgPNukot8yNhgIb7KaKvHm41ltoE SPL - Scotish Premier League 2018/19 Ball Adboards Kits 2018/19 Full...
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    Problem creating new leagues on MM

    I have created new leagues on MM. When I star a career mode the game turns off. I give them new IDs (not replaced) and I have ensured to get all right.