1. Sergio Lopez

    1ª RFEF(Third Spanish Division) Mod. Working on progress!

    Starting Mod 1RFEF for EA 2024. More news soon!
  2. jlastur33

    New RFEF Mod Fifa23

    Coming soon, according to the functionality of the Fifa Editor Tool (FET), the Liga RFEF mod project for Fifa 23 will be started,... based on the structure of the RFEF mod for Fifa 21. For more information or consultation of the mod, as well as suggestions of clubs to include in the mod, visit...
  3. D

    Custom silhouette crest for LaLiga Santander - Create Your Club Career Mode

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if it's possible to add the custom silhouette variation for my custom crest, like all the other teams in LaLiga Santander. I don't wanna replace permanently my crest with the silhouette one, i just want that variation when playing in the championship. I'll leave pics...

    Scoreboards - Kits - Graphics - LaLiga

    LA LIGA SMARTBANK [Scoreboard-POP-UPS] Spanish second division Scoreboard .rar/file']Download
  5. jlastur33

    Sporting de Gijón Mod

    I've done a mod focused on Sporting de Gijon, with laliga smartbank banners and flags, Sporting Gijon minifaces (first team and second team), preseason tournaments,... Now, I want to change preseason tournament country,... but it but doesn't apply the changes made to the file...
  6. Josue Vasquez

    Vzpz's Faces

    Hi there, I'm going to create faces of World Cup teams. I'll start with South American countries. In first place with the peruvian national team.