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  1. C

    Scarves in FIFA12

    A while ago I changed updated all the flags in FIFA12, so that every team in my database has flag.rx3 file with 2 flags each. However, since then I started to notice two things: 1. Teams linked to certain nations tend to not use flags (England, Slovenia, every country that doesn't have a team...
  2. C

    FIFA 12 Flags

    Hey all, For years I've been editing FIFA 12, mainly via DBM12 and Creation Master 12. However, it's only been since this weekthat I know how to successfully import flags into FIFA 12. But here is where a new issue occurs. For a lot of the teams I added the flags into, the new flags will be...
  3. T

    MODS TonaZ's FC 24 Realism Mod - Serie A

    TonaZ's FC 24 Realism Mod - Serie A: All licensed Serie A teams Third kits for all Serie A teams Real banners for every Serie A team Real flags for every Serie A team Real scarfs for every Serie A team Extra audio for Roma team: real chants, official Pardo commentary, goal song, real anthem...
  4. Lucas59PSG

    Realistic banners and flags FIFA 22 (RELEASED!)

    Hello everyone , Here is my 1st work, I created a mod to have the real banners and flags of many teams from different leagues like LaLiga, Liga BWIN, BundesLiga, Ligue 1, Premier League and many others .... A few teams are also missing or the real banners will not be presents Hope you like my...
  5. C

    Mods, Banners and Flags collection

    Hi, a few days ago I asked if I could create a site where to collect all the mods and especially the graphics for FIFA that are scattered on the internet. I didn't get any answer, but I decided to do it anyway. For now I have only uploaded the banners. I made some of them by myself, many others...
  6. afwan


    Welcome to UnitedDirect The Official Manchester United Online Megastore INDEX -Reserved-
  7. Tibs

    Tibs' Old School Flags / closed thread

    This thread has been decommissioned.
  8. afwan

    Manchester United Megastore

    Welcome to United Direct The Official Manchester United Online Megastore just opened! INDEX Old Trafford Player Bench Manchester United Club Flags Manchester United Away Kit 18/19
  9. saul.silva

    Help with adboards and flags (banners)

    Please can anybody of good heart tell me how to solve this problem in the adboards and in the flags (banners) that I put? I already tried with the adboard that comes in the 3dgamedevblog.com's template, I already tried to import this adboard from another stadium, but it continues the same way...