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  1. A

    Europa League knockouts bug, please help.

    I'm playing in League one manager career mode, and I wanted to see UEFA winners. Only for champions league, the knockout stages has been played and the winner was Liverpool. But in Europa League and conference league, none of the knockout stage games has taken place. I'm now in the month of June...
  2. himre20

    Edit player, save, go back to main menu. Is there a mod that fixes this?

    It would also save a lot of time if the game would only throw back to the team selection after the save. Does anyone know of a solution to this or should this be accepted as it is?
  3. Klimentt

    relegated after second season

    Guys, hello! please, help. crash after the first season in his career for a teen and a player. relegated from any league
  4. Dmitri

    Kit Numbers Fix (2nd Number Fix)

    There's a bug in FIFA 07, or a flaw, when the transferred player gets the second number by default. This fix resolves this problem. It's also possible to configure preferred numbers individually for each player now. Download...
  5. bbL

    JLeague teams qualifying for the continental cup

    This mod does the simpliest job that EA couldn't do. > 2 lines of code added > Only 1 file modified Download link OBS1: This mod was made for vanilla FIFA careers only. If you are playing your career with another mod that conflicts with tasks.txt, neither mods will work correctly. OBS2: It...
  6. B


    Guys a lot of the stadiums in career mode turn out to be an all black of nothingness. there's no grass or crowds or stands or anything. players and the ball are there but it's weird. i dont know if its because of one of the mods i installed but is there a way to fix this?

    FIFA 18 Real Names Mod

    Hey guys! Lewis here! This is just a quick, useful mod that gives real names to all teams, leagues, cups and more in FIFA 18. Mod Features: Changed “Villa Maipu” to “Chacarita Juniors” Changed “Ligo Do Brasil” to “Campeonato Brasileiro Série A” Changed “Copa Brasilia” to “Copa do Brasil”...
  8. ILNUR127

    How to fix the logo when repeating

    One logo overlaps another? Maybe you know how to fix it? somewhere delete the wrong file.
  9. JulesMate52


    Hi Everyone, I´m new on the forum . I´d like to know how to make added/cloned teams work in FIFA 14 For example, I´ve added Algeria using moddingway patch database 22.10 I created Algeria with ID 131111 Everything worked fine in editing and training ground but when I choose the team in select...
  10. Yuhonoindra

    FUT Scoreboard + EPL Fix

    Fut scoreboard fifa 18 and fix epl scoreboard for cracked version Hope you like it Sorry i dont upload a picture Check this out link and video: https://youtu*be/9WSD7yFOcHI change (*) to(.) Any question you can comment in channel or comment below.
  11. R

    Get Frosty Mod Manager To Work

    Hi! I made some new videos about Modding FIFA 18 with the newest Update of Frosty Tool 1.0.3 alpha 4 Here you find the new Video Here is the whole modding Playlist Here is the whole Youtube Channel and here is the homepage Just watch and tell me if you need help with modding - i will make a...